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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Climate Cha-cha-cha-changes: You Can Stop It Any Time Mother Nature, Really. You Can.

Here's what greeted me when I opened my front door Saturday morning.


Oh, Mother Nature, you evil woman. Last weekend you tempted me with Springlike temperatures in the high 60 degrees (F) leading me on into believing that Spring was just around the corner. But oh no, you cruelly slap me back into Winter the following weekend with 20 inches of snow.

We got more snow than a Pekingese is tall!


The snow was so high...

"How high was it!?"

...that Husband had to shovel a puppy trail in the yard just so Blitzkrieg could go potty without sinking into the snow.


Smart dog that his is, Blitzkrieg spent some quality time with his fleecy blanket after romping up to his snowballs in the white stuff.


Mother Nature, you froze my dog!






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