Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Idea Bears: Haiku Friday

cute Bad Idea Bears
let’s play drinking games yay!
later regrets come

Ever make a craft or design decision that sounded like a good idea at the time but in the end came out bad idea bearslooking like crap? Chances are it was all the work of Avenue Q’s Bad Idea Bears. The Bad Idea Bears are my new favorite characters from the musical Avenue Q. Imagine if Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear (also designed by Rick Lyon) used his high sickly sweet voice to be the mouthpiece of the Devil. That’s the Bad Idea Bears and they're coming to get you.
These cute, but malevolent bears love nothing more than to use their Powers of Cuteness to get people to make bad decisions and do irresponsible things. When the Bad Idea succeed, they happily jump up and down and yell, “yaaaaaaaay!” Most of the Bad Idea Bears suggestions in the musical involve alcohol in excessive amounts. For example:

· “Why buy a six pack (of beer) if you can save money buying in bulk?" By a case!” "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

· After the Bad Idea Bears, convince Princeton and his date Kate Monster to order a couple of "harmless" (yeah, right.) Long Island Iced Teas at a club, the Bad Idea Bears say, “Let’s play a drinking game. Let’s see who can drink the fastest!” "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

No good comes of this on Avenue Q. (The Bad Idea Bears start the song & sing backup in the video below.)

"Like all good Broadway stars, the Bad Idea Bears are on Myspace. They want to help you with all of your DIY projects. Don’t let them. Trust me; you don’t want to follow their home improvement advice:

· "Oh, go ahead and stand on that swivel chair to change the light bulb. It's right here, and it'll only take a minute! " "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

· "That landscape looks a little bare. Plant some kudzu. It grows really well here." "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

· "You can juuuuuuuuust reach that if you stand on the top rung. Warning label? Well, if you put your foot on top of it, you won't even notice." "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

If you’re looking for DIY and home improvement advice, of the non-sinister variety, you should keep on reading right here at Condo Blues. “You’re going to subscribe to Condo Blues RSS feed?""Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Don’t tell evil little teddy bears. Thanks. This announcement is brought to you by the letter Q, the number 5, and Viewers Just Like You.

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