Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome to the House of Fun?

Take a look at the funky mod pad designed by artists Madeline Gins and Arakawa North Hampton, NY.


It’s called the Bioscleave House (Lifespan Extending Villa) and the artist’s claim that the design “will make visitors use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium” and, they claim, help the people who live in the house live longer.


Personally, I think it looks a lot like Pee Wee’s Playhouse on acid.

A fun place to visit I'm sure. I applaud the use of abstract architecture and design, but I don’t think I could navigate the undulating moonscape floor from the kitchen to say, the bedroom with a cup of coffee in my hand even with the grab poles (which are there for visitors to hang onto and allow them to walk around the house with out tripping and falling into the sunken kitchen.)
Although I do like using the word, undulate to describe the floorscape. It makes me happy. Say it with me, “Undulate. Undulate. Undulate.” Oooh. I think the newly generated happiness has extended my life by a few seconds. Hippy hippy shake!

I’m sure that kid visitor would love to visit me in a house where they can and are encouraged to climb the walls.
Blitzkrieg would enjoy it too. He’s an agility dog and loves nothing more than climbing up and over an A-frame. Just imagine a whole house with nothing but undulating (there’s that happy word again!) floors that simulate agility A-frames. Blitzkrieg would be deliriously happy. And what makes Blitzkrieg happy makes me happy.

Looks like I’m putting a bid in on The Playhouse.

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