Friday, June 27, 2008

Scare Your Neighbors with Unicorn Garden Décor!

shiny ball gone
replacement décor follows
let’s try unicorns?

I’m not having any luck finding a replacement for my smashed garden gazing ball, but I did find more garden décor that would scare my neighbors. Unicorns!


Unicorn in repose. (This unicorn is one yard long, why?)



Stop. Stop! Stop! This unicorn mocking post just isn’t working for me. Maybe I should just give up on the garden decorations and wistfully wish for a planet full of unicorns like little Shannon…

What would you rather have, a unicorn garden or a planet full of unicorns (complete with jazzy theme song)?
To all of my Lemony friends and readers (you know who you are) I wish you a happy Comfest or Pride or both this weekend!

For everyone else, in the words of Isaac Mizrahi , “Come back to me!” Monday, June 30th for another informative, humorous, and design/decor-centered post featuring Blitzkrieg’s search for the perfect (hip and environmentally friendly I hope) home décor to spice up his otherwise fluffy life! Happy Haiku Friday and in the words of Shanon, "Good-byyyyyyyyyyyyyye!"