Monday, August 4, 2008

Christopher Lowell is Back on TV and He’s Working It!

Christopher Lowell is finally back on television. This time his show Work That Room with Christopher Lowell is on the Fine Living Network.

In Work That Room, Christopher Lowell teaches viewers how to decorate a room that pleases both the man and the woman who have to live in it. Easy, right? Just select everything for the room and expect that the man in your life gives you a mumbled approval when you tell him how you’re going to decorate? Well, no, not so much.

What the show boils down to is this: the current trend in home decorating is that men want more of a say in how the women in their lives decorate their homes. However, while the guys may want to have more input, they generally don’t want to be dragged all over town and forced to look at endless parades of color swatches and fabric samples. (Or is that just the way it is in my house?)

With Work That Room Christopher bridges the Mars-Venus decorating gap much better than the show Designing for the Sexes ever did. In that show, the decorator encouraged each spouse to choose an item for the room that they loved and their partner hated. Then the decorator would get the couple to agree on a compromise – it was usually something that neither of them actually liked. Christopher doesn’t do that. He tries to teach his viewers to create "gender neutral" decorating schemes that incorporate some of the things that each partner likes into the same room. For example, if he likes wood, then play up the wood moldings in the room to keep him happy and if she likes flowers, then put small touches of flower print fabrics on accent pillows to make her happy.

I have to say that overall, I like Christopher’s new show and the new direction he’s going with it. This show focuses more on decorating theory than demos. Gone are the staple gun upholstery demos that inspired legions of ladies to raid the partner’s toolbox and try their hands at building home decorating projects. Those fans may be a little disappointed with Work That Room if they are expecting the new show to be just like Christophers old televsion shows. However, they shouldn’t be. (Really folks, it's been ten years since those show aired. Design trends have come and gone. Christopher's professional opportunities have blossomed since then. We've all moved upward and onward in our own special ways. Consider this an intervention, get into the now, new things are fun and good for you too!)

Christopher’s Seven Layers of Design, and You Can Do It! principals are still evident in the rooms he designs for the new show. And honestly, if you still want demos, they are available on the Christopher Lowell Website , on this radio program, and in his books. In fact, Christopher recently published a new book called Christopher Lowell's One-of-a-Kind Decorating Projects and its chock full of decorating project demonstrations. I’ve read the book. It’s great. Seriously go check it out. This isn’t a paid or sponsored post. I really and truly like the show, the book, and Christopher Lowell’s work.

Work That Room with Christopher Lowell airs Sundays at 6pm Eastern time on the Fine Living Network.

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