Monday, November 10, 2008

Earthlust Contest – We Have a Winner!

The mystical and magical Random Number generator selected Jennifer of The Dirty Shirt blog the winner of my Earthlust Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle Contest! I emailed both Jennifer and the folks at Earthlust so they can send Jennifer her prize. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and above all – Congratulations Jennifer!
I forgot add in my initial review that I think these bottles would make a great holiday gift. You can check the Earthlust Website for a list of local and online retailers.

After evaluating the product, I added it to the list of recommended products that are available for sale through The Condo Blues Amazon Affiliate on-line store. If you purchase anything from through the Shop link on my blog I get a percentage of the sale that I will use to keep Blitzkrieg in kibble in between freelance writing and design projects.
Everything in my Amazon store is either something that I have personal experience using and would recommend to others, is something I think is either hip or cool, or something that I really, really, really want and is on my personal wish list. In no way shape or form has a company paid me to put these items in my Amazon Affiliate store list (except for the commission I get from the sale of these items from of course.)