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Friday, January 30, 2009

Apartment Therapy Loves My Refrigerator!

Much happiness in The Condo today! Look at who’s featured on Apartment Therapy – me! Again!!


Apartment Therapy’s cooking and kitchen blog The Kitchn (don’t look at me that’s how they spell it) raved about how I use six pack holders to organize the condiments in my refrigerator. Oh, and a couple of the commenter’s liked my taste in beer too :).

I’m so happy, I could ‘ku!

Haiku Friday

I’m in The Kitchn
No suck flakes today my friends!*
Sally Field moment

* Well, unless you count the announcement that Domino is ceasing publication . I liked the mag but wasn’t a subscriber.

**On a brighter note. If you Google “suck flakes” I’m number one in the search results. Whooooopee!

***Nothing more to say here, other than I like asterisks.

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