Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Like That – Poof! – and the Blog was Gone

Haiku Friday

Capessa Blogger
Sustainable Style I


If you’re looking for another crazy, insane post like last week’s Haiku Friday sorry, it ain’t happening.

Although do feel like a grammer rebel because I used the word “ain’t” in a post.

Anyway, on with the show.

Last night I drafted an article for my Capessa green blog Sustainable Style. Afterward, I checked my email and, irony of ironies, read this message from my editor.

“After two years of laughs, tears and virtual hugs, is taking an early retirement. It’s another side effect of this thing we call the economy, a thing that has probably been encroaching on most of your lives lately too.”

Bye-bye Capessa. Bye-bye Sustainable Style.

Well, isn’t that a bowl of suck flakes?

What to do? Habitual list maker that I am (blame my mother) I made a list of pros and cons about this little bump in my road:

  • I won’t be working with an established brand/big blog anymore
  • I won’t have a chance to meet the Capessa folks at BlogHer this year
  • No chance asking Capessa to sponsor my trip to BlogHer this year either
  • I have an opening to edit/write/blog for someone else. – Hey, anyone need a freelance editor/writer/blogger?
  • I could consult as a blogger/dog mom/woman for a big name company without any conflict of interest – Hey, Corporate America I buy stuff for my home and family too! Do you need a woman to give you her honest, environmentally friendly opinion? Call me.
  • I could write a book because, as a blogger, I think I’m supposed to want a book deal.
  • I have time to craft more and could open an Etsy shop.
  • I could dust off my plans to take over the world - although I think Blitzkrieg is closer to meeting that goal than me and I really don’t want to squash his dream because that would be rude. In addition, if I met that goal, what would I do with the world once I conquered it? Dress it in paisley and teach it to dance the tarantella? Doubtful. I hate paisley.
However, to put my little bump in perspective, things could be worse. I could be one of the 5000 people now not working at Microsoft .

That’s a much bigger bowl of suck flakes. My little bump is nothing compared to that.

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