Friday, September 4, 2009

Hip Green Deals

I work on my Christmas shopping all year round. It saves me time. It also saves me money, because I often buy things on sale – and under my per person gift budget but often looks like I spent more than my per person gift budget. I love when that happens.

It also gives me time to find meaningful gifts for some of the girly girl fashionestas that are insanely hard to shop for on my gift list – think teenage girls. It should be easy, but it often isn’t. I need all time I can get when looking for those gifts.

I found a few things on Hip Green Deals that may work. For them and quite frankly for myself. (I like to be girly and fashionable too, it’s not all about power tools with me.) Hip Green Deals is a web site that sells one cute, fashionable environmentally friend item a day – jewelry, accessories, health and beauty items, etc. at a discount (hello, ears perk up at the word “discount”!) That’s the good.

The not so good is once they sell out of their item of the day, it’s gone. The next item won’t be listed until the next day so you have to keep checking the site every day, which could encourage over shopping if you’re not careful. I’m going to try to keep that in check by following them on Twitter to get tweets on the daily deals and check it out if it sounds like a good fit.

Has anyone tried Hip Green Deals? What did you think?