Monday, March 2, 2009

Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer Review and Giveaway

I have the worst luck when it comes to using public restrooms, porta potties and the like – I always seem to use them right before they are scheduled to be cleaned, which means more often than not, they’ve run out of soap, water, paper towels, etc. To combat this I usually stash a bottle of hand sanitizer in the glove compartment of my car during car trips and in my bag when I go to an outdoor event or just in case I have a little mishap when cleaning up after Blitzkrieg at the dog park.

Unfortunately, the alcohol in my gel hand sanitizer dries my hands out horribly. Not to mention I found that many anti bacterial products contain triclosan , something that I’m now wary of. I started looking for options to those times when I need to wash my hands but am not able to use good old soap and water and don’t want to do it using iffy anti-bacterial chemicals. That’s when I found out about Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer.

Clean Well makes alcohol and triclosan free anti bacterial hand sanitizers and foaming hand soaps that are made to kill germs using a blend of natural essential oils including thyme – an herb that has anti-bacterial properties. The Hand Sanitizers come in four scents Citrus Herb, Orange Vanilla, Spearmint Lime, and Lavender. I tried all four scents and I really like them. Husband liked them too because the scents weren’t overpowering and they didn’t dry his hands out either.

I think even Blitzkrieg can tell that the Clean Well products are made with real essential oils because he ran across the room wagging tail and his stuck his head right in the envelop and took a big happy sniff when I first opened the package. If that happed with my old hand sanitizer I would have freaked out, fortunately that’s not the case with Clean Well because they make their products with natural, biodegradable ingredients and non toxic chemicals. Whew.

You can buy Clean Well products at Target, Whole Foods, Bath and Body Works, Amazon, or directly from Clean Well. You can use their store finder to find a store near you.

Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Hand Wash Giveaway - Closed
Now you have a chance to try Clean Well All Natural Sanitizer for yourself. The fine folks at Clean Well are giving you a chance to win $15.00 worth of Clean Well products!

How To Enter

Got to and leave a comment on my blog about what product you’d like to try or a fact about Clean Well products that I haven’t mentioned in my review.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to JamericanSpice for winning the giveaway!!

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Disclosure: I recieved free CleanWell sanitzer so I could conduct this review - how else could I know if it does what it says it does? CleanWell didn't pay me to say nice things about them or run this giveaway.