Friday, March 6, 2009

How Do You Combat Cabin Fever?

“Don’t like the weather? Wait a few minutes and it will change.” That’s what we like to say in Central Ohio because it’s true. Hey, at least it gives the local TV weather people something to do. Unlike when I lived in Florida, where the daily weather forecasts went something like this,” It’s going to be hot as the devil’s anvil today, around 3:00 we’ll get a massive 15 minute thunderstorm, followed by more sweltering heat!”

Come March, I’d give almost anything to be stuck in one of those 15 minute can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face Florida thunderstorms because almost immediately afterwards the sun shines brightly and you can go play outside. That is, if you enjoy frolicking in 90+ degree weather. Months of grey winter days make the indoor-outdoor sweatbox and perpetual-armpit-sweat-stains-on-your-shirts that is Florida living seem almost romantic.

Normally to combat a case of When the is Warm Weather Getting its Who- Haa Back to My Part of the World?! (AKA February, March, and April) I start a project. Preferably something that involves power tools or smacking something with a hammer or at least a largish craft project like a t-shirt quilt.

Unfortunately the projects on this year’s DIY agenda are things I can’t plan, start, or do until it gets warmer outside like plan and replant the flowerbeds that were destroyed by bugs and pestilence (yes, I’m still bitter about it) or paint/do little updates on the kitchen. It’s still a little too cold to paint for the kitchen project and putting it on the back burner also has to do with the fact that the kitchen is Husband’s Domain. (He’s the main cook so he can call it whatever the hell he wants as long as he makes my dinner.) See, you can tell I’m cranky because I just used H-E- Double-Hockey-Sticks in a post. Bad me. Grumpy me. Stick of belchy weather me.

Husband’s in the middle of a big data migration project at work and the thought of coming home exhausted to a wonky kitchen right now is understandably very low on his “dealing with all of the inconveniences that come with a living in a long term DIY project” threshold right now.

Still I yearn for less of this…


…and more of this.


What do you do to combat Cabin Fever when there’s three more months of iffy grey weather?

I thought that checking around the blogsphere might provide a cheap warm weather escape. No dice. Most warm weather bloggers are planning and planting gardens - I’m insanely jealous.

I suppose I could start by writing a haiku:

Haiku Friday

Look forward to summer
Goodbye grey weather kvetchin’
Until the heat comes

Got any survival tips for me? How about a joke or funny story to make me laugh?


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