Monday, May 25, 2009

Can You Recycle Concrete?

Many people celebrate Memorial Day by starting a summer DIY project. We’ve go that one covered. We’re still working on breaking up the spillage of concrete in our front flower beds. Instead of renting a jackhammer to break up the concrete like we initially thought we should, Father- in-Law advised us to use a small sledgehammer instead. At the time we thought that the mini sledge was a better option because:

  • I had visions of me accidentally riding the jackhammer like a pogo stick and failing around on it like a cartoon character.
  • Husband had visions of accentually doing damage to the front porch and a costly repair to fix it.
  • Buying a mini sledge hammer was much cheaper than renting a jack hammer.

Mini sledge hammer wins!

Husband and Father in Law quickly broke up what initially looked like a thin inch or two of concrete puddling out from the porch and made a little pile of rubble in the flower bed.


Well, unless the Home Owners Association decides to kvetch about it, then it automatically changes from a pile of rubble to a garden cairn.


See? It’s art. Urban art.

Husband saw that there was a bit more concrete to break up and started wacking at it later that week. Guess what? The job got a little bit bigger than expected.


My darling husband has experienced first hand why this blog is named Condo Blues.

Do you realize that we’re doing the same type of work that they use to punish chain gang prisoners? Except this isn’t O Brother, Where Art Thou? and George Clooney is nowhere to be found. If George were here we’d get the job done much sooner because we’d have a third person to help us and I’m sure that George would be smart enough to realize that we really should have rented a jackhammer in the first place.

We need to get rid of some the concrete chunks, I mean, Urban Garden Art, before we can break up and dig out the rest of the concrete slab in our garden bed. Any ideas on what to do with used concrete? Can you recycle such a small amount of concrete? If I put it on Freecycle do you think someone would take it?