Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’m a Green Mom!

It’s Mother Day and I have an announcement to make. Guess What? I’m a Green Mom! An official Green Mom. Like with a little button on my blog sidebar and everything. See?

“What?!” you say, “Lisa, are you expecting…?”

Well I was expecting that question, but no I’m not expecting a real human type baby any time soon. You know I already have a little guy to take care of.

If I say “cheese” for the camera will you give me some cheese?

I’m a Green Mom because I was asked to join the Green Moms Carnival. A group of big name Green Mommy Bloggers who blog about specific green topics, most recently Earth Day. They also include women like me who they dub, Mothers of the Earth. I admit that’s a little crunchy and lofty for my tastes but it’s much nicer than Some-Other-Women-That-are-Environmentally-Friendly-and-Knowledgeable-but-Don’t-Happen-to-Have-Kids.

Although to be fair, with eight nieces and nephew ranging in age from baby to 16, I do buy more than my fair share of children’s products. Add in friends and co-workers baby showers, kid birthdays, and the like and I buy a boatload of kids products. It's a big party foul to give a toxic toy as a gift, FYI. (Fortunately, all of these awesome kids help me test and review children’s products when the need arises so that’s all well and good.)

The Green Moms Carnival are a group of very influential bloggers. They won the Green category at the 2009 Twitter Shorty Awards and two of the Green Moms, Lynn of Organic Mania and Sommer of Green and Clean Mom ,are on the Nielsen Power Mom List. Wow!

I’m very proud to be one of them.