Friday, May 29, 2009

Pet Promise Rescue Run 2009

Husband runs 5Ks (and as of last summer 10ks and half marathons) to stay in shape. The races help motivate him to get out and run in the worst weather. Running offers great health benefits, excellent incentive to eat healthy and lay off the peanut butter cupcakes, and with the shorter 5K races, help raise money for charity. Husband ran in this year’s Pet Promise Rescue Run because animal rescue is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts once Blitzkrieg joined our family.


The Pet Promise Rescue Run is a little different from the races Husband usually runs because participants are encouraged to walk the course with their dogs.


This makes it a bit more challenging for the runners because they have to dodge dogs and a piles of doggie presents. Bad owners for not scooping! (Sorry guys but it’s a pet peeve of mine.)

"Blitzkrieg means Lightening War in German. That means I’m so fast I made a German Shepard cry because he couldn’t keep up with me. I know that I would smoke all 703 people in the race. I don’t want to make the serious runner guys feel bad that they got beat by a one-eyed Pekingese. So I’m sitting this one out, because it's a charity race and I'm charitable.”

Husband came in third place with a time of 18:17. He got a plaque but honestly Husband like this award better – a thank you high 5 from Blitzkrieg!

“Congratulations! Thanks for helping all my fellow rescues, even the cats.”

There was an expo and vendor fair before and after the race. Shopping for dog stuff? I’m all over that! Um, for the good of homeless pets. Yeah, let’s go with that, not that I’m one puppy step away from being The Crazy Dog Lady or anything like that.

“Lisa’s hat says ‘Proud owner of a rescued dog’. Thanks Lisa, I’m proud of you guys too.”

Scratch that. Check out the hat. I am The Crazy Dog Lady.

I also got a little real world/blogging world surprise.

I have a thing for fused glass. So it’s no surprise that I wandered into a booth featuring fused glass jewelry and pictures. While I was looking around the booth, some of the artist’s work looked strangely familiar. Then I realized ohmygosh it’s my blogging friend Deb from Artistic Flair right here in person!
Awesome shirt Deb! Excellent artwork too.

After the race we walked around the expo a little bit more. We talked to the rescue groups and sponsors and yeah, picked up a little swag. No free tote bags to revamp and use as shopping bags this year, but that’s OK. Blitzkrieg scored some biodegradable pick up bags (always useful!), treats, an organic dog food sample, and a coveted dried sweet potato chewy (an excellent replacement for raw hide chews, by the way.) Oh you lucky dog you!

Do you have any special summer plans or events that you’re going to do with your kid? (And by “kid” I mean both fur and human.)