Monday, June 1, 2009

How is the Economy Treating You?

Not to be too nosy, but how is the economy treating you? Are things still good for you? Bad? Sorta Bad? Looking up?

Some smart savers are able to take advantage of the deals out there and take dream vacations or remodel their kitchens like Decorno. A lot, at least locally, are out of work or their jobs and companies are hanging by a thread. Some, (OK, a lot of people I know) like us, experienced a company wide pay cut but are hanging in there. Fortunately, a lot of our environmentally friendly practices such as ditching disposables for reusables, Husband cooking from scratch, and my creative reuse projects also saved us money, which we put into an emergency fund. We’re doing OK for now, until the end of the year when Husband’s company moves his subsidiary out of state.


By the way if you want to hire a writer editor blogger I’m available.

What about you? How is the economy treating you? Have you cut back on anything? Or are you taking advantage of the deals out there and doing some things you’ve been putting off? Discuss.