Monday, July 27, 2009

EcoSmart Organic Insect Repellent Giveaway

Mosquitoes find me tasty. Being covered in welts is embarrassing, not to mention itchy. While I want to keep the bugs away, I don’t want to do it with chemical laden repellents full of DEET if I don’t have to. I’m leery about using DEET on myself and definitely don’t want to use around Blitzkrieg.

Fortunately the folks at EcoSmart came to my rescue - again. They asked me if I wanted to try their non toxic plant based mosquito repellent. Since I had a very good experience with EcoSMART Ant and Roach Killer and read from time to time about organic insecticides on their blog (including many DIY remedies) I said bring on the EcoSMART Insect Repellent.

EcoSMART Insect Repellent is made from non toxic plant oils (rosemary oil, cinnamon leaf oil, lemongrass oil, and wintergreen oil) that are natural bug killers. EcoSMART Insect Repellent is safe to use around children and pets. I wore it to an evening street festival down by the river – bug central. I came back home without a bug bite or welt in sight.

The following day I didn’t wear any insect repellent when we watched the Doo Dah parade and spent time at the dog park afterwards. The result? Dime sized mostiquto bites on my arms and legs – which is normal for me if I don’t wear some sort of insect protection.

Since then I’ve worn EcoSMART Insect Repellent to an outdoor picnic in a city park and as well as a family reunion in the country. The bugs stayed away and all with a pleasant wintergreen scent. Great for me because I’m not very fond of the smell of citronella that’s was in the first natural insect repellent I tried.

I give EcoSmart Insect Repellent big thumbs up.

EcoSMART Organic Insect Repellent Giveaway! *Closed*

ECOSmart is generously offered to sponsor a giveaway on Condo Blues. I’m giving away the EcoSMART product bundle of your choice to one lucky reader! To enter, visit EcoSMART, take a look around, and leave a comment on my blog about which product bundle you’d like to win. Easy!

You can earn extra chances to win by doing any of the following after you’ve made your initial comment on my blog:

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You must leave a separate comment for each method you used to enter the contest. If you choose to use every method of entry, you have up to five chances to win!

Remember you need to leave a separate comment on my blog for each method of entry because I will use a random number generator to select the winner. The contest will run from July 27 – August 9, 2009.

This contest is open to US residents only. I will not share your email address with any third parties because I hate email spam probably more than you do. Seriously.

Updated 7/28/2009 6:45 PM EST: With all of the brouhaha over reviews and giveaways I want to reiterate that even though I receive money for advertisements, my editorial content is not for sale. I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those products I review.

In other words, I only write reviews for products that I can test personally and write my honest opinion about the item. I require companies to give me a sample of the product, so I can test it. If I get that item for free, I tell you. EcoSmart gave me a bottle of insect repellent for free. If I write a positive review, that means I really do like the product. Which means right now that bottle of EcoSmart Insect Repellent is sitting under my kitchen sink waiting for use to use it before going outside because I really do like it and think it works.

I just thought you should know.