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Saturday, August 15, 2009

EcoSMART Organic Insect Repellent Giveaway Winner

The algorithms of the random number generator have spoken. The winner of the EcoSMART Organic Insect Repellent Giveaway is …

Erika Jean!

Her comment:

"I'd like the "Safe Personal Care Value Bundle" because its 4 bottles of bug spray and since I’m always loosing stuff - I’d be more likely to find ONE of them when I need it!"

Congratulations! Happy dance! Smiles, rainbows, and puppies all around!

Stay tuned folks. I have some giveaways lined up for the not too distant future of some very good products that I truly believe in because if I don’t like it, I’m going to put my stamp of approval on it and give it away to you!