Friday, January 8, 2010

I Saved 60% Because I Sew

Husband and I and every other lunatic in the city hit the mall the day of after Christmas to see a movie. Our movie was sold out and since we went from hell and back to get a parking space we weren’t ready to quickly ditch the maul visit.

With the after Christmas sales in full swing this was the perfect time for me to drag Husband around the mauling mall and buy him the new winter coat he needed and hoped would magically appear in the closet because Husband absolutely hates to shop.

Oh, and if Husbands’ new coat could made be of a little more environmentally friendly materials that would be just peachy, thanks.

On our first stop we found some winter ski coats made from material made of recycled plastic bottles. This might be good I think. Husband tried on the coat, which given that he is on the short side for a guy and coat was puffy, made Husband look like Bib the Michelin Man. Oh? You didn’t know he had a name? Well actually Bib is short for his full name Bibendum and he’s one of the oldest advertising icons out there and the company got their start making bicycle tires (guess how I found that out? Hint: It involves a flat bike tire. )

Anyway, even though I’m sure that Bib is a lovely fellow we decided to leave his coat at the store and try another.

Husband and I thought it best to stick to a wool coat. We ended up at Macy’s which was having a 50% clearance sale. Woot.

It took a quite to find a coat we liked to fit Husband. That’s what you get when you’re a lean runner guy in an XXXL world.

We (and by we I mean me. Husband kept claiming he didn’t care and just wanted to escape the ordeal like wet cat trapped in a paper bag) decided on a black wool pea coat. I notice a button was missing on the front of the coat and of course we couldn’t find another one in his size.

Photo courtesy of Macys because I 'm sick with a cold and this is easier than taking a  photo of the same coat.

I stuck my hand in the pocket and whaddayaknow there was the missing button! I could easily sew that back on. But because I don’t work for free I wanted a little extra money taken off the coat for my time and trouble. I asked for a discount at the register.

I got it.

The salesperson said she could only give me an extra 10% off. 10% for sewing on a button? I can do that. Yes, please.

A serious shopping score! 60% off a wool winter coat and all because I could sew.

Have you had any serious shopping scores lately?