Friday, January 1, 2010

When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Decorations?

Christmas Eve Blitzkrieg and I had a lovely walk around the neighborhood looking at everyone’s decorations. I looked in childlike wonder as the bright lights popped from the background of the black night sky.

I wanted to share an especially festive row of houses with Husband and walked by those homes the day after Christmas. I was surprised that most of them were dark. Oh the lights were still on the houses but unlit.

So when are you supposed to take down your holiday decorations? Do you let your house go dark immediately after Christmas? Is there some acceptable time to keep the lights up a little longer like until after New Year’s Eve or even 12th Night?

I try to stretch out the festive d├ęcor as long as I can. I don’t take my decorations down until after New Year’s Day.

That’s not to say I think that while festive, the lights should stay up on the house until spring. If you’re in a situation that you feel that it’s too cold outside to take down “all those lights” and want to wait until summer to do it than I think you might have too many lights on your house Mr. Griswold.

Yes keeping unlit Christmas lights on the house months after the holiday is a pet peeve of mine.

And don’t even get me started about using Christmas napkins, kitchen towels, and mugs all year round...

Nothing says Christmas peace, love, and understanding than chopping off Santa’s head, scooping out his brains, and drinking eggnog from his skull. How festive! Photo courtesy of Santa Claus Head Mugs

Now under the big green “use what you got” tent pole some might reason that you can just use those holiday mugs, towels, napkins, whathaveyou year round because a mug is a mug, right?

Yeah, maybe, but I don’t like it. It always bugged me growing up using a Christmas themed dishtowel in August. It’s summer for Pete’s sake and we have scads of dishtowels – PUT IT AWAY AND GET IT OUT WHEN THE SNOW FLIES!

*ahem* Welcome to one of my childhood traumas.

As a result, I put these items, which I mainly get as gifts, in the holiday decoration box after Christmas because I’m an adult in my own home and can make my own rules. I saw that on Dr. Phil once and you know if it’s on TV it has to be true.

What do you do?

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