Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best. Snowshoes. Ever.

We got 15 inches of snow last night and an extra three inches today. Add that to the 14 inches already sitting in my front yard – and that’s a lot of snow!

We like to measure snowfall in Pekingese instead of inches.

We have 4 Pekingese of snow in the front yard = 32 inches!

I'm coping with the cold with long underwear, hot tea, and my beloved fleece. I swear if I could make a fleece suit to wear when taking Blitzkrieg out for a potty I would because with all of this snow comes c-c-c-cold!

At least my feet and toes are toasty warm. I bought the warmest - which makes them the most wonderful - shoes on the planet! They might also put me on the What Not to Wear contributor list.

At least I can send them back to the company for recycling when they wear out

Yep, I bought a pair of Crocs. They are the Gretel. They are lined with fuzzy stuff and they are warm like you would not believe. I love these shoes so much that I might marry them – but I only think that’s legal in Iowa. Maybe we can get a civil partnership instead?

I kinda dig that they look like little Dutch girl shoes in that so goofy it’s kinda cool way I look at things. Although I think my 16 year old fashion consultant Miss R might disagree. However, I’ve caught her wearing pajama pants as regular pants which I haven’t seen in a fashion mag or on Project Runway so it may be difficult to say who’s right in the ways of practical cold weather fashion.

Do you have any favorite cold weather gear your family might not want to be seen with you wearing in public? Spill.

Crocs didn't pay me to say anything about their shoes. However, they did cheerfully accept my hard earned money in exchange for the pair of shoes of my choice because they are a business that likes to sell things to the public.