Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I’m in the Salada Tea Green Spotlight!

Wow! I’m so honored that Salada Tea chose me to be their Green Spotlight for February because of my home energy saving efforts. Not only did they write the most flattering article about me on their website that made me blush, but I also won a year’s supply of their yummy tea!


Happy dance! While it’s true that I can’t start my day without the kick in the head I get from my morning espresso roast coffee, I generally switch over to tea in the afternoon to keep warm during the winter. During the summer a pitcher of sun tea in the refrigerator is a staple. And when I’m sick, there’s nothing more soothing to a sore throat than hot tea with lemon and honey or even better is hot lemon flavored tea, which Salada has – yippee!

Even Blitzkrieg has gotten into the tea habit. When he first came to live with us, he was so used to dumpster diving for food during his stray days. He regularly fished tea bags out of our trash cans and ate them no matter how many times we told him that the caffeine in tea bags wasn’t good for dogs.

All of the trash cans in the house now have lids.

To read my little write up jump on over to the Salada Unbottle Your Tea  and click the Green Spotlight icon . You can also print coupons for Salada Tea and share your own green story. Maybe they will select YOU to be next month’s Green Spotlight. How cool would that be?