Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Lisa Nelsen-Woods as the Salada Tea Spokesperson

There are only four more days to go before the voting for the Salada Tea Spokesperson contest closes August 1, 2010.

I'm one of the top ten finalists for the Salada Tea Spokesperson contest. Popular vote will help Salada pick the winner. I want with every fiber of my being for that person to be me. Promoting green living on a budget and a brand of tea that I love to drink way before this contest even started is my dream job.

Quite honestly, I’m the little blogger that could in this contest. I cannot possibly win without your daily vote. There some bigger bloggers and others who have large local media support which makes this contest an uphill battle for me. However I'm very lucky to have support from you.

You don’t have to register or sign up for anything. You do not have to live in the US either. All it takes is a mouse click to vote for Lisa Nelsen-Woods. After you vote, you can print a coupon for 75 cents off any Salada Tea product. If you haven’t tried it, please do, it’s yummy. Personally, I'm partial to the Salada Green Tea Spiced Chai because it makes a fabulous homemade chai latte – which I have been drinking way before this contest started.

This is a still from my entry on Salada Spokesperson.

However, if you are still on the fence about giving your mouse click vote to me, here are 10 reasons why Lisa Nelsen-Woods should be the Salada Green Tea spokesperson.

1. Because I am a regular person who is able to build green living into my life in a way that saves me money, so I can put it towards other things I need or want.

2. I once was a horrible cook. I made meals from a box and vegetables from a can. Now I rock tasty meals from scratch in under an hour. I want to share the ways I’ve found out how to cook healthy meals from scratch in a kitchen that doesn’t come anywhere near to Julia Child’s with fancy cooking gizmos (unless a slow cooker counts) and ingredients that will not break the bank or take hours to prepare.

3. I like to find and share options for the greening the same thing. Sometimes I need more than one way to do something because my days are rarely the same or work differently with the change in seasons. I suspect there might be a few people out there that are in that situation too.

4. I grew up with a crafty family that tried to fix things if they broke instead of buying a new replacement. Often DIY looks harder or is more intimidating than it really is and I’ve gotten great feedback on how my tutorials in simple, easy to understand language has helped many first time DIYers do it themselves.

5. Changing the way I ate to include more grains and vegetables, less processed food, and iced tea instead of soda means I no longer spend crazy amounts of money for prescription and over the counter medications for my stomach and digestion problems. Recently my family doctor started the You're Older Now and Should Watch What You Eat Speech. She stopped mid sentence and laughed and said, "Why am I giving this speech to YOU? You already do this!"

6. In my current job as a freelance writer and instructional designer, I develop on line training programs that break down fact based computer geek jargon into real world everyday people speak while not talking down to anyone in my course’s audience.

7. I feel so strongly about promoting how to cook real food, for real budgets that I started a food blog Lazy Budget Chef.

8. I have a degree in Public Relations and started my career in TV production and promotions. Organizing special events for local television means that I understand what the FCC guidelines are about health claims and spokespeople. Working with local and national TV personalities means I understand what you want in a public face for your brand. That face is mine.

9. I once was a professional jester. Performing improv comedy and teaching Elizabethan history in front of children and adults taught me to be entertaining when speaking off the cuff but always in a family friendly way. If I can teach the English Reformation in an entertaining, informative, and non offensive way (because it involves religion) to 8th graders and I teach someone how to cook with tea (which I'm just starting to learn myself.)

10. I entered the spokesperson contest because I sincerely want to share green living and money saving tips and promote a brand I honestly drink and enjoy before this contest began. No one forced, coerced, or even jokingly threatened me if I did not enter the Spokesperson Contest. It is a 200% sincere effort on my part.

Won't you please vote for Lisa Nelsen-Woods once a day until August 1, 2010?

Thank you all for your votes and support!