Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Found My Voice at Blogher 10

I was quickly overwhelmed.

I did not feel that I networked as much as I liked although I gave out over 200 business cards and met many new bloggers this year. It was very difficult to connect with the people I wanted to meet due to the shear number of bodies and logistics of the venue. There were 2,400 people at Blogher this year!

Where BlogHer succeeded for me was in the quite moments that when I got my head out of my stats and really paid attention to who I was with and what I was experiencing. One of the best moments of the conference was the night that Beth from Fake Plastic Fish, The Green Samaritan, and @csamuels  and I found a corner and had a great conversation that bounced from corporate responsibility to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Twilight.

@condoblues, @greentalk, @mindfulmomma, @greenmom, @crunchygoddess, @fakeplasticfish
Lisa from Condo Blues, Anna from GreenTalk, Miceala from Mindful Momma, Sommer from Green and Clean Mom, Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess, and Beth of Fake Plastic Fish.
Photo courtesy of Crunchy Domestic Godddess.

  • I had a couple of experiences that proved that I should be a food blogger. I wrote about it on Lazy Budget Chef. Spoilers – it includes Martha Stewart!

  • I made it my mission as a member of the Green Team to make sure that there was signage! signage! signage! directing people to Swag Recycling Suite since I could not find it myself last year.

I dropped off several items at the swag-recycling suite.
Blogher will donate all of the items to The Salvation Army.

  • There was some silly green fun like replacing disposable paper cups with reusable water bottles in the meeting rooms.

I geeked out over the lack of trash. I gotta be me.

  • There was also some silly not so green fun. I met the Raving Rabbits! They stole my heart even before I bought a Wii with crazy games involving toilet plunger guns, time traveling washing machines, and controlling the game with your butt (you have to sit and shift on the balance board.) Yeah, it was as if we were made for each other.

Aaaah! Rabbits!

  • Stewart + Brown taught me that organic cotton clothing is more than t-shirts and yoga pants. I got many compliments on the lovely organic cotton top they gave me to wear at the conference.

This organic cotton top is so soft, it doesn’t wrinkle,
and travels like a dream. Thank you Stewart + Brown!

I liked that the emphasis during the Blogher this year was about what we can we do with our collective voices in our blogs instead of focusing on sessions that cater to specific blog niches. Big blog or small we all have a voice. It’s up to each of us to use it as we see fit.

I spent a big chunk of time with these lovely and like-minded women. And you know what? Not a one of them asked me for my stats before asking me to join them in this picture.

@phdinparenting, @condoblues, @thesoftlanding @thesmartmama
Photo Courtesy of Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

Just like in real life, it doesn’t matter how many friends (or readers) you have because 10 wonderful loyal quality readers like you are better than having ten thousand causal readers or drive by trolls. You taught me that with all of your support during the Salada Tea Spokesperson contest. I didn’t get the job, but I still feel like a winner because of all your support.

The metaphor for the trip happened early in weekend after the Martha Stewart party. As we were loading our gift bags into the trunk, someone tried to poach our cab. A loud, forceful, booming voice shot out from the darkness that was only a couple of F bombs and Brooklyn accent short of sounding like a full blown native New Yorker,

“HEY! YOU! Step off! THAT’S OUR CAB!”

That big forceful voice came from short little me.

I learned that while I think my blog voice is small in this ocean of women, I still can use it to do good, to entertain, to teach, or to be mama bear if I need to be. The only thing holding me back from doing what I want to do with this blog in many ways is me.

BlogHer10 was as overwhelming as a roller coaster. A mad crush of bodies, stimuli from all directions but as soon as the ride is over I am ready to rush back in  line and ride again – hands up in the air this time! Who’s with me?