Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life 360 Emergency IDs are Good for Kids, Better for Adults

Life360 approached me about reviewing their Emergency IDs as a way to keep track of your children. They come in a variety of styles and it is more secure than a sticker on your kid’s shirt listing your name, address, and phone number. In the event of an emergency,  and you or your child cannot tell a medical professional about a medical condition or allergy, the person calls the Life 360 telephone number (staffed 24 hours), gives the Family ID number and PIN from your Life 360 Emergency ID and the Life 360 center contacts you, your doctor, or anyone you designate without giving out that sensitive information to the Good Samaritan trying to help you out.

If your child ever gets lost, or goes missing, the Emergency ID can give authorities access to your child's profile to file an Amber Alert.

They also offer the following products and services:

Offender Monitoring

Family GPS Tracking It tracks your family using their phones like the Weasley clock in Harry Potter. This is  handy because Miss R is driving. It is a way to check and make sure she is really where she says she is while giving her a bit of space and the independence that all teenagers crave.

Emergency Messenger You call the Life 360 telephone number and they contact your family during emergencies like multi day blackouts to tell them you are OK when phone service is down, overloaded, or iffy.

Life360 Mobile An app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile phones.

Family Identity Protection

Lost Item Recovery

My greatest fear when taking any of my nine nieces and nephews somewhere is losing them. Not because of the wrath I would incur from their parents, or the guilt I would feel from losing a perfectly good child, but when child is found safe (as they usually are) I will have to jump through hoops to prove that for the afternoon, that kid is mine.

With Life360 the parent can update the contact information online that for that time period I am person who is responsible for that child.

The Emergency IDs come in a variety of styles and you can order more than one type for each member of your family. I got the Velcro bracelet to wear when biking. Husband got the shoe tag to wear when running. We often do both activities on running trails away from our cars and the Life360 ID cards in our wallets that are locked securely in the car trunk.

It makes me feel a little safer riding my bike in a city where cars hate sharing the road with bikes, even though they are legally obligated to do so (and there is no other place to ride if I want to bike to most places.) One of my friends broke his arm when a car turned into his bike. I have had run ins with a crazy women who likes wave and yell at me through her car windows. The wave is not is not a thumbs up, way to go green thing. It is an entirely different finger.

It got even scarier a few weeks ago when she pulled her car off the side of the road so she could yell a blue streak at me or worse. I do not know what her intensions were because I thought it was safer not stop my bike to have an extensional debate as to why I was "here." I mean really. Does any one of us know why were are here?

The nearby bike trail under construction cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, I feel much safer wearing my Life 360 Emergency ID bracelet.

I think that that Life 360 is good for families with kids but even better for those of us without.

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Life 360 provided me with free IDs and service to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.