Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Live Pumpkin Vignettes

Over at The Green Phone Booth  I guest posted about how I like to decorate for Halloween using live pumpkins. This year I put a pumpkin on some brown crinkle paper I saved from a gift basket in my giant martini glass. I layered live pumpkins in around this ceramic spooky cave I bought a long time ago to make a nice little green Halloween vignette on my side table.

A festive pumpkin martini!

Very green, right?

Not if you live with my husband.

Husband likes animated Halloween decorations. I’m not going to even pretend that they are green, but they have staying power and last forever (they should because they are resin. You know the stuff that does not break down in landfills? Yeah, that.) We don’t have a lot because we don’t have the room to store the kooky life size talking whatever we just saw in the store, but it would be a lie to admit that we don’t have a few.

This is Husband’s contribution to our Halloween decorations. You can’t fully appreciate it unless it’s dark.

The red skull lights up and makes mist while the eyes on the stack of three skulls light up and sing.

My Not So Green Halloween Decorations

The eyeball candles are paraffin wax so I don’t burn them because I don't want to contribute to poor indoor air quality. I only leave them out as a decoration.

The smoke from the skull isn’t from dry ice, it’s some sort of motor, we fill it with water and plug it in on the front porch for Trick or Treat. I have to admit I like that it doesn’t use dry ice because I’m afraid a kid would try to touch dry ice and burn themselves.

The piéce de résistance is the three stacked skulls.

They sing Shout.

And light up.

Blitzkrieg barks when the two top skulls sing the backup, “shout.”

It's not very green.

At least it’s entertaining.

Before I could make Blitzkrieg a costume for this year's charity Halloween Pet Parade Husband bought Blitzkrieg a dog bandanna that says "Security." Fitting given Blitzkrieg's watchdog abilities but again, not very green.

Blitzkrieg is moving his head so I can take a picture of his bandanna because he's that smart. It's a good thing Blitzkrieg doesn't have opposable thumbs or he'd take over the world.


Some days I wonder why I even bother to eat through the restraints.

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