Monday, November 15, 2010

What Have You Recycled Today?

Today is America Recycles Day. While shopping mindfully and reducing your use of disposable single use items is best, it isn’t always practical, desirable, or available. For example, in the tiny town where my in-laws live their city had to cancel their recycling program because it didn’t make enough money to pay for itself.

When that happens, I try to find another reuse for the item instead of tossing it into the trash where it will clutter up a landfill forever. For example, I rip up empty toilet paper rolls and toss them in my compost bin for brown matter because I don’t have access to dried leaves or grass clippings.

The toilet paper rolls as brown matter works like a charm!

Sometimes I get crafty.

I made this!
What do you do?
If you have a craft using toilet paper roll or paper towel tubes, there is still time to enter it into the White Cloud Imagination Unrolled Contest.  Voting opened on November 11, 2010 but you can enter and vote on your favorite project up until the contest ends on December 3, 2010.
The project with the most votes wins $1,000 and the two runner ups win $500 each. Just in time to help out with the holiday shopping!
If you enter a project, let us know in the comments below so we can vote for you! You can vote for more than one entry at a time, but can only vote for each entry once every day.
What have you recycled today?
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