Friday, December 3, 2010

Four Great Green Rugs

Area rugs can add a nice pop of color and texture to a room, especially if the rug is made with natural materials.

The Euphrates from The Jute Rug Shop is what you typically think of when the words jute rug comes to mind. Jute doesn’t needs pesticides or fertilizers to grow and is a rain fed crop.

The Kilimanjaro Deluxe Hand Braided jute rug has a little more texture and is actually quite soft on the feet.  

If you’re concerned about your cats using a jute rug as a scratching post, try bamboo. The bamboo rugs from Bamboo Rugs and Mats even come in colors!

I love this red bamboo rug.

The traditional bamboo color is nice too. This bamboo chair mat would be perfect for my computer room. I bet it would last longer than the plastic one I have now.

What do you think about jute and bamboo rugs. Yea or nay?

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