Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Small Green Change: Grow a Christmas Tree

For my first Christmas, my parent bought a live Christmas tree. My dad sawed off two branches from the back of the tree and wired them to the front to fill a big gap in between the branches. All of the needles fell off the Christmas tree and my mom spent the rest of the year vacuuming them up from the carpet long after Christmas.

The following year they bought a fake tree and used it every Christmas thereafter. I bet that fake Christmas tree is carbon neutral by now.

Since I haven’t had a real Christmas tree for as long as I can remember, I thought I’d do something a little different for December’s One Small Green Change. I won a pine tree sapling in an Earth Day contest two years ago. I stuck it in a pot on my patio, watered it and hoped for the best.

It grew a little and didn’t die. Yay me!

Now what to do with it? My little evergreen will eventually outgrow its pot. My Homeowner’s Association won’t let me plant the tree in my yard. However, I am allowed to plant it in my front flower bed as long as the tree doesn’t out grow the flower bed. 

Here’s my plan. I’m going to plant my little evergreen tree in my front flower bed. When it grows a little taller than me and past the HOA height limit, I’m going to borrow my neighbor’s chain saw, chop it down, haul it inside, and use it as a Christmas tree.

I sent Husband a Gift of Green using the One Million Acts of Green Facebook application  to tell him about my newest green scheme since he doesn’t read my blog but is all over Frontierville on Facebook.

I realize that I do not have to go to all of that trouble and I can just buy a real Christmas tree but I like a challenge.

And I need landscaping – badly.

I'm awesome at growing rocks. Everything else? Not so much.

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