Friday, October 29, 2010

Make a (Cute) No Solicitors Sign

One of the drawbacks of living in a condo community with nicely planned blocks of houses with sidewalks is that we are ripe for the picking when it comes to door to door salespeople. Now that it’s election season, it’s becoming downright unbearable! I’ve had more than one person come to the door pimping the same issue despite asking them to please take them off our visitation list. It's not that I'm politically unaware, I am more than you know. It's just that I don't want my Saturday HGTV and DIY Network coffee + snuggling doggie + dream time interrupted three times in one day with a parade of people knocking on my door about the same thing. The worst offenders are the fake water testing companies trying to tell us our water will kill us unless  we buy their product allow them to test our water.

I decided to make a No Solicitors sign.

I bought a frame at Goodwill and sanded it.
 It doesn't look like much but this frame is an achievement. I went to Goodwill looking for picture frames and came out of Goodwill with picture frames instead of picture frames plus the dozen other things that tempted me. Yay me!

I used leftover outdoor paint from my porch chair revamp project to paint my picture frame since it will live outside.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Live Pumpkin Vignettes

Over at The Green Phone Booth  I guest posted about how I like to decorate for Halloween using live pumpkins. This year I put a pumpkin on some brown crinkle paper I saved from a gift basket in my giant martini glass. I layered live pumpkins in around this ceramic spooky cave I bought a long time ago to make a nice little green Halloween vignette on my side table.

A festive pumpkin martini!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Do You Put Up Halloween Lights?

I put up lights for Halloween. After putting together our Seadog Cemetery , I realized no one could see our hard work and lunacy in the evening unless we lite it. I grabbed a couple of  spot lights from the garage and that did the trick.

I tried to get the spooky shadows while still seeing our pirate graveyard, with varying results - sorry.

One year I noticed a store selling strings of purple Christmas tree lights in orange boxes and calling them Halloween lights. Husband and I laughed all the way home because we had several strings of the same thing that we used on our tree in our old rental. Ha! Ha! Ha! The greenest (and cheapest) thing is what you already own!

Set of 2 Halloween Lights - Purple
Christmas or Halloween lights? I say both!

Just like my childhood Christmas light tradition, I plugged the lights in at dusk and kept them on all night and unplugged them in the morning.

October’s electric bill was scary indeed.

The following Halloween, we were in our 20% Energy Reduction Challenge. I thought that my lights would have to go. Everyone told me the only way I could reduce my electric use was to get rid of all of my old stuff and buy new stuff.

That got my stubborn Danish hackles up and I refused to give in. I want a green life on my terms. Not on the terms of some so called expert's green dream of living like Little House on the Prairie (No thanks. Been there, hated that and the hats give me bonnet head – not my best look.) I mean that’s great if you want to live like that, but that is not my green dream. I don’t think green living has to be an all or nothing kind of life.

Fortunately, there is another green way. Actually several. All of them are listed on One Million Acts of Green. Even if you’ve been doing the green living thing for awhile or are just beginning, you may find some new things to consider. I did.  I like that One Million Acts of Green gives you several options for greening the same thing. I don’t know about you, but my holidays are rarely the same year after year and I think that’s a good thing.

5 Ways to Green Your Outdoor Halloween Lights

  • Switch From Disposable To Rechargeable Batteries.  We are slowly switching over from regular batteries to rechargeable batteries. That includes Husband’s favorite animated Halloween decorations. They themselves aren’t green, but I took them in a greener direction. This is real life and I’m not trying to deprive us of every bit of fun and Husband likes his motion activated ghost that shakes and says, “Yah-looolooolooo!” The battery powered not so green elements are only a small percentage of the Halloween decorations we have.

  • Replace an Incandescent Light Bulb with a Compact Fluorescent Bulb When I use the spot lights, they use halogen bulbs which are more energy efficient than an incandescent light bulbs but not as energy efficient as a compact florescent but they withstand the cold better in winter. I have CFLs in my porch lights. They take awhile to warm up in the winter because of the cold though.

  • Replace Your Incandescent Holiday Lights With Seasonal L.E.D. Lights.   If you are in a situation where you don’t have lights or would like more strings of lights than consider buying a string of LED lights. The LED lights are more slightly more expensive than the incandescent strings but they use less electricity, especially if you put them on a timer. I have one string of multicolored LED lights for Christmas and I like them. The quality of light is different. I think it’s more “glowy” and prettier but some disagree. What do you think?

I’ve done all of these over the years in various combinations. For example, this year Husband and I didn’t put up our Sea Dog Cemetery and spot lights. To light the way for Trick or Treaters, I have solar powered garden lights along our sidewalk for extra lighting and CFLs in our porch lights.

Have you checked out One Million Acts of Green? If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to win a $5,000 shopping spree at All you have to do is log in and share your Acts of Green. You can log in using the Facebook app too!

Halloween lights seem to be a relatively new decorating thing. I don’t remember anyone putting up lights for Halloween when I was a kid, do you? Do you put up Halloween lights?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pinkwashing or Pinkbashing?

If you aren’t aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For as many emails and articles I’ve recently read about breast cancer charity programs both sponsored by public companies and private organizations, I also read as many or more calling all of it nothing but a load of pinkwashing.

What is Pinkwashing?

For the purposes of this article let’s go with Breast Cancer Action’s definition of pinkwashing:
“Pinkwasher: A company that purports to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribboned product, but manufactures products that are linked to the disease."

This could be something as small as a tube of lip balm that contains parabens but donates a percentage of sales to a breast cancer charity to something as large as car company making a large monetary donation because combustion engines belch toxins from their tailpipes.

Some people go as far to include any and all charity functions that are pink and/or benefit breast cancer organizations, even if they are what they say they are.


Some of the pinkbashers are true whistleblowers. Just like anything there are companies and charities that aren’t what they say they are. For that reason, I always research before I donate. What percentage of the money donated will be going to fund what? Is the charity in line with what I believe? Would an outright donation of even a few dollars be more effective than buy a doodad for charity if I wouldn’t normally buy that doodad to begin with?

Some people still hate on yogurt sales for charity though.

Instead of bashing the people who buy problematic pink charity products, have you considered contacting the company and asking them to make a change? That’s what happened when Yoplait yogurt started it’s pink lid for breast cancer promotion.  Consumers wrote Yoplait and told them they didn’t like that they were supporting breast cancer while their yogurt was made with milk that contained rBGH. Guess what? Yoplait did the right thing and no longer has rBGH. Yoplait’s competitor Dannon followed suit. We all win with that one!

I Was Pinkbashed

One day I wore a scarf in my hair and went about town on my weekend errands. A woman stopped me and asked if I was a survivor. I told her I wasn’t. She gave me a strange look. I got a lecture on how I was part of the pinkwashing problem and that I shouldn’t represent myself as being something I’m not because I’m doing more harm than good.

I wore this scarf because it’s pretty, matches my dress, and keeps my hair out of my eyes, not because I believe it will save ta-tas.The money I helped raise at the event, THAT will help save second base.

I wasn’t wearing anything that said I had the disease. In fact, the only way you’d know that my scarf had anything to do with breast cancer is if you went to that event.

What surprised me the most was the venom behind her words. It didn’t matter that the 75% of the money the event raised stayed in Columbus and that the rest went to fund national research grants. Or that I participated in memory of someone who had breast cancer. It was pink and part of the problem.

That hurt.

Sometimes people need symbols like ribbons or a doodad to rally behind. Sometimes people need big splashy raise a bunch of awareness as well as money events to make us feel like we’re doing something to help our loved ones when we feel powerless. Are we so jaded about the effectiveness and need for early detection and education events because they’ve been around since the early 90’s and that they are working? According to the American Cancer Society:

“Survival from cancer continues to increase. The five-year relative survival probability for all cancers diagnosed nationally during 1999-2005 is 67%, up from 50% in 1975-1977. Survival rates are highest when cancer is detected early.”

What do you think? Do you consider all breast cancer products pink washing? What do you think about the people who buy them or support charities that sell them? What if they support the cause by buying the products they normally do but they aren’t good for the environment? Do you bash/educate them?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five Toilet Paper Roll Crafts and a Contest!

Toilet paper and paper towel roll crafts are an elementary school staple. Lately, adults are dipping into their recycling bins, making toilet paper and paper towel roll crafts that are more artistic than kiddie craft.

Who hasn’t seen the toilet paper roll leaves wall art and not been inspired?

Photo courtesy of Design Sponge

I am! The Design Sponge wall art inspired me to decorate my telephone book wreath with toilet paper roll flowers.

I made this!

I think Paint Cut Paste’s Toilet Roll Pumpkin Garland  is so clever! I want to try something like it with Danish Christmas hearts.

Photo courtesy Paint Cut Paste

This cartoon wall art looks like it uses both whole toilet paper and paper towel rolls. It reminds me of old eight bit computer game graphics. The computer geek in me digs it.

Photo courtesy of Toilet Paper World Blog

How to Gal’s turquoise toilet roll wall art is nothing short of genius! It looks like an expensive wrought iron wall hanging. Love! Love! Love!

Photo courtesy of How To Gal

What have you made with toilet paper rolls?

Imagination Unrolled Contest!

Put those toilet and paper towel crafting skills to the test. White Cloud is holding the Imagination Unrolled Contest. Take a photo of something you’ve made with empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes and upload the photo. If your entry gets the most votes you win the $1,000 Grand prize! Two runners up will win $500. Voting begins November 11th, so you a some time to create the perfect craft. Or gather your materials. If you need more, there are coupons available at White Cloud.

Imagination Unrolled Twitter Party!

To get everyone in the mood, White Cloud is hosting a Twitter party Thursday, October 21st 3pm - 4pm CST (1pm pacific, 2pm mountain, 3pm central, 4pm eastern.) The theme is Imagination Unrolled. They will be discussing how to 'Unroll Your Imagination' throughout the house. I think it would be the perfect opportunity for us crafty and green folks to jump in because repurposing and reimagining our old stuff into new stuff is something in which we excel.

Oh, and White Cloud will be giving away a $50 gift card every 10 minutes to a random Twitter party participant as an added incentive. The holidays are coming and who couldn’t use a little extra money to buy life’s necessities?

How to Participate in a Twitter Party

Log in to Twitter at the appropriate time in your time zone and follow the party host @WhiteCloudMom. Search and follow the hashtag #WhiteCloudMom. When you post make sure you use the #WhiteCloudMom hashtag in your post so everyone following the Twitter party can read what you have to say whether they personally follow you or not.

I like to use Tweetgrid to follow along in Twitter parties because it gives you different columns for the host’s tweets, your tweets and @’s and a third column for the party’s tweets. It also automatically ads the hash tag to the end of your tweet so everyone at the party can see it.

Twitter parties are a fun way to share ideas and meet like minded people you wouldn’t normally know to follow on Twitter. I always find new and cool people to follow after a Twitter party, every once and a while I win a prize. A nice bonus indeed!

Are you going to be at the Twitter party? Are you going to enter the Imagination Unrolled contest? Let us know if you enter the contest so we can all vote for you! I’m not entering because I’m not eligible. Why?

I’m a White Cloud (Mom) Blogger

White Cloud asked me to join their White Cloud Blogger’s group. What does that mean exactly? Well, first off I will be promoting crafting with toilet paper and paper towel rolls, which is something I do anyway because:
  • It’s green
  • It’s clever
  • And it’s cheap :)
Apparently, I will eventually be asked to put my family’s hiney on the line with some blind tushie testing of recycled content White Cloud paper projects. This one should be interesting.  I just opened the last box of that sand paper like one ply recycled content TP I bought on Earth Day mega sale for my April One Small Change. It will be banned from our house forever once we’ve finished the box. We love it that much. Will the White Cloud Green Earth be any better or more of the same?

Why am I doing it? Well, because White Cloud is something that is available all over the place. I have family that live in itty bitty cities that don’t have access to all of the shopping places I do. I suspect that many of you live in areas like that too. I don’t think green living or products should only be for those of us who have deep pockets or live in large cities.

Most importantly, White Cloud agreed to play by my rules. I get to be me in all of my blunt and wacky self. I still get to say things like “I’m putting my hiney on the line for you and the environment” and “tushie” because you I’m still a professional jester at heart.

I also get to give you my absolute honest opinion about everything I do and my absolute honest opinion about their products. They are convinced I’m going to love their recycled content products. Husband and I are holding our collective breath, hanging onto our seats with a slightly skeptical “Prove it!” because we do not love the better for the environment but port potty like recycled content TP we are using now.

Who knows? I’ve been proven wrong about a product more than once (or like a zillion times.) It would be nice if this works out. We shall see…

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Donate, Don’t Recycle, Your Old Computer!

Husband and I build our own computers. I consider it a greener option than a laptop because I can replace only those components that wear out or need an upgrade unlike our laptop. When the screen when out on that, we had to replace the entire laptop. Although I do like that laptops are more convenient and do slightly better when it comes to using electricity.

My computer's powerful Energy Star processor gives off so much heat it's almost most like having a campfire under my desk during the winter!

Friday, October 15, 2010

9 Green Big Lots Finds

Shopping thrift stores, consignment shops, eBay, etc. are all ways to shop green. However, sometimes when I’m looking for something specific, or I don’t see it in those stores, or I don’t have time to wait for it to show up in those places because I need/want it NOW, I buy it new.

This is probably doesn’t happen to you because you are all more awesome and more patient that I am.

Well, as I was looking, OK, obsessed, with finding silicone skull ice cube trays for Blitzkrieg I walked into a nearby Big/Odd Lots. Well, guess what? I hit the mother load of inexpensive green items! I had my camera with me and snuck a few photos of my finds for you.

Let’s take a look.

Glass bakeware. Some have lids!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Little Edie Grey Gardens Costume

 After I saw the Gray Gardens HBO movie, I knew I wanted to be Edith Bouvier Beale or “Little Edie” (she was named after her mother who everyone called “Big Edie”) for Halloween. This year husband and I are going to a Halloween party in the Short North, our arts district. If anyone should know who Little Edie was or about Grey Gardens, it would be this crowd.

Little Edith Bouvier Beale was known for wearing scarves to cover her alopecia. When their fortune ran out and Gray Gardens disintegrated into a filthy mess that violated every health and housing code on the books, she obviously did not have money to update her wardrobe. Instead, she wore what she had in odd combinations. Tablecloths became skirts, wildly patterned hose, sweaters became head coverings to create what she called “bohemian” or “revolutionary" costumes.

I took my cue from this clip of Little Edie describing her “best costume for the day” in the 1975 Grey Gardens documentary.

Drew Barrymore recreates this scene in the HBO Grey Gardens movie.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Fix a Running Toilet

The water in my toilet tank ran after each flush. I did a temporary leaking toilet fix by turning off the water to the toilet by turning the knob at the base of the toilet.

The toilet sat with the water turned off for at least 3 months.

The running toilet is in the guest bathroom so it wasn’t a hardship on the family. I just never got around to fixing my leaking toilet until I saw Fix a Leaking Faucet on Green U as part of Cisco’s One Million Acts of Green and Three to Green Contest. It was the kick in the seat I needed to fix that running toilet.

How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

I took the lid off the toilet tank and quickly saw what was causing my toilet to run. The flapper was all whopperjawed because I used to put those bowl cleaning tablets in the toilet tank in between bathroom cleanings. I don't use those tablets anymore.

1. Turn the water was turn off at the bottom of the toilet.

2. Flush the water out of the toilet tank.
Notice how the warped sides of the flapper do not seal properly. This causes the toilet to run.

3. Remove the damaged flapper.

4. Cut the replacement flapper valve to fit in the your type of flapper bracket.fitting according to the directions on the packaging or to the type of of my toilet flusher assembly thingy (are these terms getting too technical for you?)
    It is just me or does the new toilet flapper kinda look like a little spaceship?

    5. Slip the flapper into the flapper bracket.

    This bracket has two knobs that slits on the side of the flapper fit onto.

    6. Attach the flapper chain to the flusher arm.
      My chain has a clip on the end that attaches to flusher arm.
      7. Turn the water on to the toilet and let the tank fill up.
      8. Do a test flush. Make the flapper chain shorter or longer if needed.
      The new toilet flapper 
      9.You’re done!
        This $5.00 fix took about as much time to complete as an Ace of Cakes commercial break and saved me a $50 plumber fee. If I had let the toilet run, I could have wasted over 22,000 gallons of water in one year! Not bad for a quick five dollar fix.

        Best of all I was able to mark Fix a Leaking Faucet off my Green U list which was the third act of green I needed to receive one entry in Cisco’s Three to Green Contest. The winner gets a $5,000 shopping spree to Do you realized how many sets of bamboo sheets that will buy?!

        You can participate too. All you have to do is register for the contest on One Million Acts of Green  or by connect via Facebook and pledge and complete those acts of green.You get one entry in the contest for every three acts of green you complete until October 31, 2010.

        What little green tasks have you been putting off until tomorrow?

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        Friday, October 8, 2010

        Do You Strip Screws? Try an Impact Driver

        I am the undisputed Queen of Stripped Screws. I strip screws with a manual screwdriver because I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands. I bought Mommy’s Little Helper, my mega torque electric drill, hoping the extra torque would solve the problem.

        I still strip screws from time to time but now with turbo!

        After some research, I realized that electric drills commonly strip screws. What I should have been using all along is an impact driver. Unlike an electric drill, an impact driver is made to do one thing and it does it very well: drive screws and hex nuts. It is less likely to strip screws. I say less likely because if you are the Queen of Stripped Screws, you will find a way to strip one when normal people will not. I consider it my gift, my curse.

        What is an Impact Driver?

        Unlike an electric drill, an impact driver drives the screw by both rotating the drill bit and using concussive blows. Moreover, if you are the Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver you can do it tight little spaces.

         This is a right angle impact driver.  
        The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver to exact.

        I found it to be the perfect tool for installing the screws for my curved curtain bracket because my electric drill won’t reach. I’ve tried using a long manual screwdriver but it is impossible to keep on the screw head for more than a few turns at a time and I don’t have the strength in my hands to drive one of those screws into a wall stud.

        What the Craftsman Impact Driver Is Not

        The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is related to the Craftsman Hammerhead Auto Hammer I reviewed. Like the Auto Hammer there may be some confusion about what this powerful and lightweight little tool is designed to do.

        • Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is not an impact wrench (also known as an impactor, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, or torque gun) which is commonly used in auto shops to loosen and tighten lug nuts as well as drive screws. Impact wrenches generally need to be connected to an air compressor to work. The Craftsman Right Angle Impact Driver does not. It runs off a 12 volt rechargeable battery.
        • The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is also not a hammer drill (also known as a rotary hammer, roto-hammer or impact drill.) Hammer drills are used to drive into material like stone or to break through concrete.
        Me using the mother of all hammer drills to break up concrete in my flower bed. 
        Generally, we refer to this size as a jackhammer. It was crazy fun to use!

        Craftsman Impact Driver Review


        • The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver will drive hex nuts as well as screws.
        • The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is the most powerful and lightest weight right angel impact driver when I compared it to the store display of a Hitchati and a Ridgid right angle impact driver. The Craftsman and the Hitchati were approximately the same weight. However, this short woman appreciates that the Craftsman impact driver isn’t as monster heavy as the Ridgid. The Ridgid is the heaviest of the three.
        • The Craftsman is also the most powerful of the three right right angle impact drivers. The Craftsman has 700 pounds of torque, followed by the both the Hitachi and the Ridgid which both have 650 pounds of torque.
        • The NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver is great for tight spaces. I can see using it for future bicycle maintenance especially.


        • The Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver came with several size heads for hex nuts but only one screwdriver bit, which is what I’d use it for the most. Regular Craftsman screwdriver heads should not be used in the Impact driver because they aren’t made to withstand the concussive force of an impact driver. However, Craftsman told me they will have sets of impact driver screw heads for sale in November. But for the $99.99 price tag, I think they should be included.
        • It comes with only one rechargeable battery. The battery charges quickly and holds its charge for longer than my initial test period. You can buy extra batteries from Craftsman.

        Would I Buy a Craftsman Impact Driver?

        I’m not afraid to give a tool or anything I review for that matter a thumbs down if it doesn’t work for me. I wondered if the Craftsman NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver would just be a nifty toy to have instead of something I would use for jobs other than curtain rod brackets since I already have an electric screwdriver, which kinda stinks so I don’t use it. 

        Given that the Craftsman Impact Driver is designed so stripping screws is less likely than an electric drill, that it is also less likely the slip off the screwhead and make accidentally countersinking your thumb less likely (trust me that’s a good thing.) I’d buy the Craftsman NEXTEC EXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver for the handywoman who doesn't have the strength in her hands (or desire) to drive screws with a manual screwdriver, the older handyman who's losing strength in his hands, or anyone who wants to drive screws the easy way.

        Disclosure: Craftsman supplied me with NEXTEC 12.0 Volt Right Angle Impact Driver to facilitate this review. I went to a home improvement store on my own to compare it to other tools. All opinions are my own and longtime readers know I am very opinionated.

        Wednesday, October 6, 2010

        One Small Green Change: Silicone Ice Cube Trays

        This month’s One Small Green Change is to switch from plastic ice cube trays to silicone ice cube trays.

        Silicone is synthetic but it is considered safe because it does not contain BPA or phthalates. While the cold in my freezer makes the transfer of possible (and probable) BPA in my old plastic ice cube trays very low the silicone ice cube trays make it zero.

        After seeing Dollar Store Crafts posted some killer silicone ice cube trays to use as sugar molds; I figured it was high time I made the switch to something I knew that was safer. I stalked my Dollar Tree for three weeks to get Blitzkrieg silicone skull ice cube trays because when you have a one eyed pirate dog like Blitzkrieg every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day! (It’s more of a lifestyle choice for us, really.)

        Monday, October 4, 2010

        Green U

        Last week I wrote about an exciting partnership with One Million Acts of Green. Cisco (you IT folks may know them from their routers) is encouraging people in the US to collectively commit to One Million Acts of Green.

        One the things I like about the program enough to endorse it, is that One Million Acts of Green doesn’t throw you into the deep end of the green living pool. After you register  or connect via Facebook  you have access to Green U. Green U is a list of suggestions on how to go green. After you complete an act of green, Green U gives you how much carbon you saved based on where you live so your savings may be different than mine.

         This is my One Million Acts of Green profile

        More Than a Green Living List

        One Million Acts of Green is thankfully more than just a green living list of ideas. There are how to articles, social networking (which is kind of awesome to find like minded people to bounce idea off of), and you can add your own green projects to the list if you don’t find a green habit that’s already listed on Green U. For example, I added do a DIY Home Energy Audit to my Project List.

         You can add green projects to your profile if you don't see them listed on Green U.

        Three to Green Contest Incentive

        For every three acts of green that you mark complete on Green U and it’s corresponding tabs Low-cost Home Projects, At School, Transportation, Everyday Habits (the cheapest and sometimes the most difficult things to green), Misc, Summer Projects, Community, and Home Projects you get one entry into the Three to Green Contest. 

        My acts of green

         The Three to Green Contest prize is a super sweet $5,000 green shopping spree at, which can help you get started in those green living areas that might require a little financial investment.

        What little act of green have you done recently?

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        Disclosure:  Rockfish Interactive, in partnership with  Cisco are compensating me for my considerable time on this project. However, my ideas, words, and opinions are my own and are not influenced by this compensation. See what the other ambassadors have to say about One Million Acts of Green: Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Green Your Décor and Green and Clean Mom.

        Sunday, October 3, 2010

        10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs Who Hate Costumes

        I love dressing up for Halloween. Now that I have a dog I want him to love dressing up for Halloween too.

        But he doesn’t.

        You wear a double coat of fur all the time. You won’t want to
        put on extra clothes, either.

        We like to go to dog charity events to support the rescue organizations that have helped us rehabilitate Blitzkrieg and tell his story. Some of these events are Halloween events.

        Blitzkrieg quickly learned the cuter the costume, the more treats humans give you. Blitzkrieg learned to tolerate several types of sorta dog costumes in order to swindle as many treats as possible celebrate Halloween.