Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?





Blitzkrieg started barking short, crisp, sharp barks that cut through the air like glass shards.All. Day. Long.

Something was wrong.

Blitzkrieg only barks when it is something important. For example, when the door on the washing machine unlatches with a “ker-THUD!” Blitzkrieg races around the house to find me and tell me that the washer finished a load of laundry.

He awarded handsomely for his efforts.

The dryer buzzes at the end of its cycle so Blitzkrieg lets me figure that out for myself.

My dog’s a thinker.

If he had opposable thumbs we’d all be screwed.

Blitzkrieg needs surgery to repair a luxating patella on his right rear leg. His kneecap refuses to stay where it’s supposed to – over his leg joint. Previously bed rest (tough to do with such an active dog), pain meds, and anti inflammatories were enough to get Blitzkrieg through until his kneecap eventually slipped back into place.

Not this time. From the x-ray, it looks like Blitzkrieg’s kneecap is several inches above where it is supposed to be. As I write this, my dog is in surgery to correct the problem. A very expensive problem. Over a thousand dollars worth of expensive problem and that is just for one leg! I’m sure Blitzkrieg will need for the orthopedic surgeon (yes, they have them for dogs) to repair his left rear leg in the near future.
My leg hurts. Please make it better Lisa.

Pet health insurance wouldn’t help me because most pet insurance policies don’t cover hereditary conditions  such as a luxating patella which is common in small dogs, Pekingese in particular. Which makes me think, why even buy pet health insurance to begin with? Wouldn’t it be better to open up a separate saving account and use that to cover vet and expensive pet care costs?

Fortunately living the way that we do, means Husband and I are able to save money and blow it on our dog :) What little commissions I make from the affiliate ads on Condo Blues and Lazy Budget Chef are going toward the Blitzkrieg Surgery Fund or more accurately the Blitzkrieg Post Surgery Dog Treat Fund because the commissions are very small.

I love my CSA and really want to start my garage workshop project this year but I will gladly give them up if it means that Blitzkrieg will be able to run and play pain free, even if it’s going to hurt me a little.

Get well soon little buddy.

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