Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Love Letter to My Electric Snow Shovel

Dear Electric Snow Shovel,

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow ThrowerI know your full name is Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower but can I just call you Electric Snow Shovel? Because I think we are going to be close friends for a long time to come.

I bought you as a Christmas gift for Husband but now that I have used you, I have to tell you that I adore you. In Central  Ohio, our problem is ice rather than snow although Mother Nature does see fit from time to time to send us more snow than my Pekingese is tall.

This is my front door - in March

During most of the winter, the branches of bushes and trees are encased in ice and look so pretty. When I was a kid, I called them Ice Plants.

The tree in my front yard encased in ice.

Now that I’m adult and have to whack the top layer of ice and break it with a manual snow shovel it in order to shovel the snow underneath, I call it something completely different.

That isn’t printable.

And of course when my snow covered sidewalk and driveway are covered in a sheet of ice, it’s usually too cold for rock salt or the more environmentally and pet friendly ice melt to work properly.

This leads to more unprintable name-calling.

And that’s why I bought you. The small gas powered snow blowers I looked at were too big to handle my short front walk and even shorter driveway. I also like that storing you in my tiny garage is as simple as hanging you on a nail in the wall next to my manual snow shovel.

You make speedy work of clearing snow and eat through layers of ice like there’s no tomorrow! Now I understand why I when I tried to buy you locally, you were sold out. I ended up ordering you on line. It’s OK. I used my Swagbucks to offset the shipping costs so essentially I ended up not paying for shipping. Yay me!

I really hate to quibble about details since you make my life so easy Electric Snow Shovel, however, I need to know. Why are you considered green over a gas-powered snow thrower? In all of my research, (oh yes, my friend, you were up against two other models) it claimed that electric snow throwers were green because you do not release carbon emissions, unlike your larger gas powered snow blower brethren.

But here’s the thing. I, like most of the US, don’t get my electricity from a clean renewable resource. My electricity is produced from a coal fired electric plant and that plant does produce carbon emissions. Which means when I use you, I am producing carbon emissions, abet indirectly.

I’m sorry to split hairs. Husband and I have the same issue with rechargeable batteries being called green over plug in electronic devices even though we are switching over to rechargeable batteries to reduce waste.

My point is, I am asking that you and the rest of your electronic friends to please consider the where the power comes to power or recharge you before calling yourself a green carbon neutral device.

I realize that I'm not perfect either. I will still love you and will use you though.



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