Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New (to Me) DSLR Camera!

I miss photography with my Minolta SLR and developing black and white film in the darkroom. Yes, I know that the chemistry is bad for the environment. However, I don’t think you get the same balance of art plus science and a dash of luck with digital photography as you can with film photography.

My heart isn’t into artfully using my digital point and shoot camera. I think it shows. My blog photos are kind of hit and miss. Tabletop photography isn’t my strong suit. I like shooting architecture. With an SLR.

I’m also very hard on point and shoot cameras. I ask them to do things they aren’t normally meant to do. In three years of blogging I’m on digital point and shoot camera Number Three.

Normally I would just go out and buy myself a digital SLR (DSLR) and be done with it. However I’m in house mode. If I have several spare dollars to spend, I’m more likely to buy lighting or any number of house things, or Blitzkrieg things than A Fun Something for Lisa Thing.

Apparently, some of the people around here think I’ve been a bit too practical of late. Either that or maybe they are trying to tell me that asking for garage insulation is not a proper Christmas gift. Instead, Husband gave me a big girl camera! A Canon DSLR!

Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens (Black)
Photo courtesy of Amazon.com because I can’t take a photo of my new camera with my new camera.

The best thing about my camera is its story. Days after Husband and I bought our condominium, we jumped on a plane to spend New Year’s Eve with two of our dearest friends in Times Square. I had my film SLR with me because by golly if I was going to spend 6 hours freezing my butt off in Times Square I was going to take good pictures of everything I couldn’t normally take as a tourist and not be run over by a car.

That trip got my friend into photography. 

My love of photography (and gadgets) comes directly from my father. He got it from his father. Photography is the family hobby. Since I don’t have a human child to pass my love of photography on to, passing it on to a dear friend is the next best thing.

My friend was upgrading his DSLR and asked if I knew of a place that he could sell it or if I knew of someone who wanted one. When Husband was exasperated with my asking for yet another way too practical gift for Christmas, (I asked for a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday) I suggested our friend’s camera even though I was sure he sent it off to B&H Photo as I suggested. (HINT: I got the tip about buying from the B&H Used Store from a professional photographer- check it out.)

I could write about how buying a used DSLR is green and is a good way to save money on what can be an expensive hobby. However, that is not why I love my new to me camera. I love it because my family shared their love of photography with me and I in turn shared my love of photography with a friend who I also consider a member of my family. With my friend’s camera now in my possession I feel like some sort of sentimental Circle of Life is complete.

And no one can put a price on that.

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