Thursday, January 27, 2011

Six Blingy Napkin Rings

I'm convinced that cloth napkins are the one thing that separates us from the animals. I like that I never run out of napkins with cloth. If I do, I just pop them in the washing machine – easy!

The one thing I do not like about cloth napkins is how my family is averse to neatly folding them at their place setting for the next use. I’m on the hunt for cute everyday napkin rings made from environmentally friendly materials please.

I like the little bit of shiny bling and let’s face it, black goes with everything.

Black Glass Napkin Rings Set of 6

The wood buttons are a nice touch of casual elegance. They would be perfect for a rustic kitchen or table setting.

Nut Napkin Ring by Museum of RobotsI don’t know what caught my eye first, the fact that these napkin rings look like giant hex nuts or that they are made by a place called Museum of Robots. I love the industrial look and can totally see these on my table.

I’ve seen napkin rings in stores that were made to look like old spoons but my vintage lover side would prefer to find napkin rings made from real spoons. Of course Etsy came through like a champ.

Happy Hot Dog Napkin Ring by Naked Decor
Who says everyday has to be boring? It shouldn’t surprise any of you that I like these napkin rings since they are one of my great loves (after Husband of course) – dogs. It’s not a Pekingese, but hey, not everyone is perfect.

 I swear this beaded napkin ring has been stalking me. I saw both gold and silver versions at Pier One. I really like the red ones at my local Crate and Barrel. I checked on line and Crate and Barrel has them in teal. I think the blingy beaded teal is my favorite.

Do you use cloth napkins? Do you corral your napkins with rings or let them run rampant on your table?

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