Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blissdom 2011

I went to my first Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville.

It was awesome.

The conference started out on the right foot because the first person I saw on my way to the Wisdom Workshops was my Foodie Night In (#FNIchat) Twitter party friend Carol from Cozi.

One of the nicest things about Blissdom is that I got to meet so many Ohio, home, DIY, and craft bloggers for the first time in real life.

Centsational Girl, House of Hepworths, Make and Takes, Kitchen Stewardship I met them all!

Home bloggers! or we as called ourselves Homies

Would it surprise you that the DIY and crafter tribe made bracelets while we got to know one another and learned about each other’s blogs during our meet up session?

There were a lot of Ohio bloggers at Blissdom including my roommate and good friend Christina from A Mommy Story. We grabbed a corner of the nightclub Thursday night and chattered the night away.

There weren’t many green bloggers at Blissdom. That’s OK. It was an incentive for me to network outside of my established niche. And more importantly it meant I got to spend more quality time with The Eco Chic, and these two silly ladies Green and Clean Mom and The Soft Landing.

 We protected each other from the advances of the overly flirty farmers from the tractor convention.

I ate a lot of good food too. I wrote about the food fest frenzy on Lazy Budget Chef.

 Photo courtesy of well, me and more specifically my food blog Lazy Budget Chef

What Did You Learn at Blissdom?

The sessions at Blissdom were some of the most informative that I have attended at any conference I’ve attended.

  • Brene Brown’s opening keynote Vulnerability and Bliss: Exploring the Power of Going Big, Taking Risks and Being Enough was inspiring. I particularly like her Free Range Social Media movement (you can see the button on my sidebar) that encourages people to disagree but to be civil and not hide behind the anonymous nature of social media.
  • The Advanced Branding: Building Your Personal Brand in a Crowded Market session – Allie Worthington said that all of us and our blogs are awesome and unique. The key is to focus on what makes you awesome and your blog full of you. I vowed to embrace my awesome.(That means more pictures of Blitzkrieg on the blog :)
  • They emphasized the message “Cooperation not Competition” between bloggers. Finally, someone acknowledged that it’s easy to be jealous of the good fortune of a fellow blogger. The key to acknowledge it and move on. Use it as an incentive to love on your audience or a fellow blogger because blogging isn’t a competitive contact sport. Nice matters.
  • Scott Stratten of UNmarketing closing keynote. His talk was funny, entertaining and simple. He said, “People don’t share “meh”. People share AWESOME.”

I like that Blissdom is a mid size conference. It was much easier to network and make a connection with bloggers and sponsors alike.

My only regret is that I didn’t always put my best foot forward. What I thought was my allergies acting up and a case of conference zombie brain (due to fatigue) was really a respiratory infection. I came home with a fever of 102 and spent a good three days in bed before I graduated to spending the rest of the week on the sofa.

Despite the illness, I’ll be back next year.

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