Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fragments: Earth Day Deals, Coupons, and Events

I have a lot of little bits and bobs running through my head and blog post idea folder. Most of those bits are  upcoming Earth Day events, specials, and coupons that don’t really warrant a giant post on their own.

Last week I had way too many great, weird, and wonderful conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and email with so many of you, my  ‘friends who live in my computer’ to list. I just want to thank all of you for reading this little ol’ blog and being my friend. I get big warm fuzzies when I think of the amazing people I've met through this blog and more than once wished you lived closer so we could hang out in real life. Blitzkrieg wishes more of you lived closer to us so you can pet him until your arm fall all and stuff him full of treats. He sends you Five 5s and tail wags too. Thanks.

Speaking of Blitzkrieg, he’s on Crafterminds!

 Blitzkrieg now wants to renegotiate his Condo Blues 
appearance contract. This is going to cost me some kibble...

Heather wrote a post about adding personality to your blog. Well we you all know how Mr. Personality likes to pose for pictures. I'm amazed that he's letting me do more and things with him. He takes direction very well. Unlike me.

  I took this photo of Blitzkrieg holding twine for The Bloggess' People Holding Twine Flickr pool. I got Blitzkrieg to put his paw on the twine to hold it. And a sword. Because Blitzkrieg is a tough guy.

No wonder that my dog is more popular than I am.

Earth Day Deals

Earth Day is on a Friday this year. That makes it difficult to do anything to celebrate Earth Day on the actual holiday. How is that working out where you live? Columbus is having their volunteer day the weekend before Earth Day and the celebration event the following weekend.

If you’re out and about on Earth Day, you might be able to take advantage of these specials.

  • Target - Giving away free shopping totes (with purchase) on April 17th, Earth Day, to the first one million guests. Limit one per guest. Get there early, I’m told these go fast!

  • - $1.99 flat shipping for the entire month of April to celebrate of Earth day.

  • Origins – Drop off empty plastic makeup containers and tubes for recycling on Earth Day. Instead of giving you travel size samples as a thank you they will give you a free full size tube of face wash!  I did this last year and it helped me find a new face wash with better for me ingredients.

  • Aveda – Stores and stylists are donating proceeds from April appointments to Aveda’s clean water partners. Last year my store raffled off a rain barrel that I was very sad I didn’t win.   

  • Old Navy – From April 22 through May 21 you can drop off used flip flops at any Old Navy store in the U.S. TerraCycle will recycle the flip flops into four public playgrounds (my guess is to the recycle the flip flops into playground mats?)

  • Northstar Cafeget a free Northstar veggie burger on Earth Day. I haven’t been to Northstar but one of husband’s cousins RAVES about it.  This might be the kick in the seat I need to eat there (don’t tell Sonja I went without her or she’ll be upset she missed out, OK?)

Coupons for Green Stuff that Never Has Coupons Except for Earth Day

One of the laments I hear from folks trying to go greener is that green products are more expensive and never go on sale. Sometimes they do and that time is Earth Day. This is the time of year when I try to stock up a bit on green products I use and rarely go on sale or offer coupons.

A quick scan of We Use Coupons found coupons for green and eco-friendly items. I’m sure there will be more in store specials on green and organic starting Sunday April 17 – 23rd.  I suggest you do a quick check of the forums for your grocery store or Target, etc. on We Use Coupons after the sales start the Sunday of Earth Week. The folks on these forums catch a lot of the unadvertised in store sales. They save me quite a bit of money on fresh produce and whole food items that may not offer coupons but the grocery stores will put on sale. I also save time because I don't have hours to search the Internet and blogs for this information. Thanks coupon people!

  • White Cloud - $1.00 off coupon ultra packs toilet paper or paper towels including White Cloud Green Earth recycled toilet paper and paper towels is available on the Condo Blues sidebar --->

  • Seventh Generation  - has coupons for laundry products, dish washing detergent, recycled paper towels, diapers, Training Pants, or Wipes

  • Greenworks  - $1.00 off coupon for dish washing detergent when you sign up for their newsletter (you can pair this with the Green works coupon listed below)

  • Heniz Vinegar   $.50 off coupon for vinegar. I use it as DIY shower cleaner, to clean counter tops, my stove, to unclog drains, to clean my coffee maker and dishwasher, and in my laundry. Meijer doubles coupons so it’s worth it for me to use this one.

  • Elävä Botanik – Like them on Facebook and use the coupon code FBFriends for 50% off your on line purchase. I haven’t tried their hair care line but Mindful Momma  and Crunchy Chicken  have and recommend I try it. That’s good enough for me :)
  •  Mambo Sprouts - always has coupons for organic, healthy, and environmentally friendly products.

  • Trader Joe’s  takes coupons for the few items they sell that are not Trader Joe’s store brand. I just learned this. Yay!

Earth Day Events

  • B Kind 2 the Earth still needs leaders for several states. The sign up form is here. If you are chosen as a leader you get a free t-shirt and can order up to 9 more free shirts to distribute to people in your area.

  • If you’re looking for green ideas, scoot on over to Practically Green. In honor of Earth Month, Practically Green will be featuring an action a day on their blog. Practically Green isn’t officially affiliated with B Kind 2 Earth Day but I think Practically Green has some good green options that aren’t on the typical green action lists. 

  • If you want to find an Earth Day event where you live check out Earth Day Network's events list.  Enter your zip code to get in on the action, whether it's down the street, at the nearby park, or at your community center. Thanks to Diane of  Big Green Purse for this little nugget of useful info!
What are you doing for Earth Day? Do you know of any Earth Day coupons or deals?
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