Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Spring Clean with Steam!

Haan MS-30 Multi-Purpose Steam CleanerApril’s One Small Green Change is to actually use the steam floor cleaner I’ve had for two years to clean my floors and house.

Before we bought our condo, I had a canister steam cleaner (I can’t remember the brand) that had interchangeable nozzles. I used it to clean the stove, bathtub, counter tops, as well as floors. It worked better than any cleanser I tried on the stove and bathtub. When it died, I cried.

After seeing commercials for steam mops, I wondered if there was something more multipurpose like my old steam cleaner. Husband bought me a Haan Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner for Christmas* (yep, I asked for more cleaning tech toys as gifts. I'm weird like that.)

My Haan isn’t as powerful as my old steam cleaner but it still works well. For most floor cleaning jobs, I use the wide steam brush instead of the microfiber pad attachment. I think the steam brush cleans my textured floors a bit better than the steam pad. Although I like the pad attachment for cleaning the monster size builder mirror in our bathroom. Like my old steamer, this one has little brush attachments I can use to clean the grill, stove, bathtub, what have you.

I will never run out of floor cleaner because it uses tap water. I don’t have to worry about the chemical make up in my floor cleaner making Blitzkrieg or anyone else in the family ill. Which is what sent me on my green cleaner journey in the first place; my neighbor’s vet said the chemicals in her Swiffer floor cleaner were making her kitty sick.

The problem is I don’t use it. Most of the time, my automatic floor cleaner is parked in front of the steam cleaner in the messy crowded utility room. It's easier to use the automatic floor cleaner, which the steam cleaner was meant to replace.

After installing upcycled book page shelves, decluttering, and donating items from the formerly messy utility room (including the automatic floor cleaner) I can access my steam cleaner more easily. April’s One Small Change is to use the steam cleaner to clean my floors, bathrooms, grill (if it ever gets warm enough outside to use it!) and anything else I can think of instead of instead of using a spray on cleanser.

 Do you have any green cleaning tricks or tips?

*Note: Actually Husband gave me a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because Husband wasn’t sure if I meant food steamer (we have one), clothes steamer, or floor steamer when I mentioned the steamer I wanted was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

**Extra note: Did you know that Bed, Bath, and Beyond won’t accept their 20% off paper coupons for on line orders? (You probably already knew this ‘cuz you are smart.)

I was doubly ticked because: 

  1. BBandB didn’t have the steamer at the store, there was not info on the web site mentioning that, and it would have saved me the trip.
  2. I could not use the 20% off paper coupon they mail out like clockwork on on line orders (which is why I went to BBandB to begin with!)

So I bought my Haan from Amazon. I’m more likely to order things from Amazon anyway because I redeem my Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, which is the best redemption of Google search for Swagbucks points. (You probably already know that too.)

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