Friday, April 22, 2011

Shaklee Earth Day Giveaway!

I’ve read a bunch about the miracle cleaner Shaklee Basic H2. It’s plant based, supposed to clean everything, and a little goes a long way. To make an all purpose cleaner you mix ¼ teaspoon of Basic H2 in 16 oz of water. For a window and mirror cleaner Shaklee says to mix a few drops of Basic H2 in a 16 oz spray bottle of water. 

No offense to all you Shaklee lovers out there but the directions made me raise an eyebrow. The free sample I received of  Basic H2 window cleaner mix cleaned Blitzkrieg’s nose prints off the patio door. However, so does plain water and a little elbow grease. How do I know if I am actually making a cleaning solution with Basic H2 or am I just cleaning my house with a more expensive spray bottle full of water? 

I mixed the all purpose cleaner and tried it on something a little more difficult to remove than smudges on a door. Coffee and shoe polish stains on my carpeting.

I’m the Number One offender when it comes to spilling coffee on my carpeting. I try to clean it quickly with a wet sponge when it happens. However, plain water won’t remove coffee from my carpeting.  I get a bit of this on the carpet.

I sprayed Basic H2 on the coffee stain, and scrubbed it with a brush like I do with my regular spot carpet cleaner. I sucked it up with my carpet cleaner. My carpet cleaner doesn’t heat the water so it was merely a soap sucking up device.

The coffee stain is gone. OK, you won 2 rounds Basic H2 but can you clean up black shoe polish off carpeting?

I accidentally got black shoe polish on my carpet while polishing my boots over newspaper. I put newspaper down to prevent this, but apparently, I have some hidden talent for making a mess when I don’t want to. I tried cleaning the shoe polish with another spot carpet cleaner when it was a fresh stain. It didn’t do the job even after repeated cleanings.

 Lisa is the reason we don't have nice things.

Again, I sprayed Basic H2 on the shoe polish stain and scrubbed it with a brush. I sucked it up with my carpet cleaner. I had to repeat the process one more time to completely remove the stain.

 OK, you convinced me. Plain water wouldn’t clean this up (I know I tried it.) My regular spot carpet cleaner didn’t remove shoe polish either. Shaklee Basic H2 you are my carpets new BFF.

Another thing I like about Basic H2 is that it is pet and kid safe. I have another carpet cleaner that claims it’s pet safe but also warms that pets shouldn’t walk on the carpet until it is dry. That just sounds odd to me. Not so with the Basic H2.

Kristina from A Home Made by Kiki. is running an Earth Day special. You get a free membership with $30 order. She also has a couple of additional unadvertised specials. You can contact her for more details!

Shaklee Basic H2 Giveaway and Blog Hop

I joined up with some of the coolest bloggers around to do this giveaway. You can win  Basic H2 from me at Condo Blues as well as the Grand Prize Giveaway of  $30 cashola (sent to your Paypal account) from A Home Made by Kiki.

To enter the Condo Blues Basic H2 Giveaway

1. Follow A Home Made by Kiki, via Google Friend Connect.

You can earn extra chances to win by doing any of the following:

2. Blog about my contest with a link back to Condo Blues. Please leave the URL of your blog post so I can verify it.

5. Follow Condo Blues on Twitter AND tweet about the contest. Please leave your user name and the URL of your tweet in your comment so I can verify it.

7. Subscribe to the RSS feed   OR via email  to my new food blog Lazy Budget Chef.

You must leave a separate comment for each method you used to enter the Basic He giveaway on Condo Blues. If you choose to use every method of entry, you have up to eight chances to win!

To win the $30 Grand Prize Giveaway

Kristina provided the group of blogs participating in this giveaway with a letter or group of letters. Your job is to visit the blogs in the blog hop in order to "collect" these letters from each of the blogs and then e-mail the phrase back to Kristina in order to be entered into the "Grand Prize Giveaway" of a transfer of $30 via Paypal to the winner of the Grand Prize. 

  1. Start at A Home Made by Kiki, to find the first letter in the winning phrase.
  2. Click the link from A Home Made by Kiki to the next blog in the blog hop to collect the next letter in the winning grand prize phrase.
  3. The lettersfor Condo Blues are KL
  4. Go to for the next letter in the winning phrase.

The Shaklee Earth Day Giveaway and Grand Prize Giveaway runs from April 22, 2011 – April 30, 2011 midnight EST. The giveaway is open to US residents only.

Good Luck!

Updated May 2, 2011:
Congratulations to the Condo Blues Shaklee winner Banks_Family_5 !

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