Sunday, May 29, 2011

AppleGate Farms Coupon Giveaway

Ding Dong!


“Hi Blitzkrieg!”the UPS guy said when I answered the door. He gave Blitzkrieg a friendly pat on the head while Blitzkrieg’s tail wagged so much I though Blitzkrieg’s tushie might come loose.

Note to self: I might want to try shopping at a brick and mortar store more often.

Funny thing, I don’t remember ordering anything.

I was gobsmacked to find the gift of a big bunch of AppleGate Farms $1.00 off coupons in the envelope! Blitzkrieg was even happier and claimed them all as him own.

A freezer full of organic and nitrate free bacon is a dream come true!

I had a little sit down with Blitzkrieg to explain that as much as we enjoy Applegate Farms antibiotic and GMO free sausage in stews and on pizzas, we should share the coupon love with all of you!

Have you tried any AppleGate Farms products? They are yummy! Husband and I like the deli meats for sandwiches. Our favorite is the chicken breast because it’s moist and flakey. Good flaky, not bad flaky. You can tell it’s made with chicken and is not made up of pressed mystery meat that sorta tastes like chicken.

During summer hot dog season I want to introduce the picky eater nephews to AppleGate Farms hotdogs because it’s something they think is junky food but it’s not.

Sneaky huh?

I know!


If you don’t eat pork or meat, AppleGate Farms has bovine growth hormone free cheese. I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspect I will when I use the coupon during my next trip to Trader Joe’s. (You don’t know Trader Joe’s takes coupons? Yes they do!)

Hey Lisa, how you going to share the AppleGate Farms coupon love?
I’m licking my lips just thinking about!

I don’t think I should have traditional giveaway or contest since these are coupons but I’d like to make it a little interesting since it’s a holiday weekend and all.

Tell me what your favorite junk food is and make sure your email address is available in your comment so I can contact you for your mailing address. Your favorite junk food can be some fast food craving, a snack, or admitting you have an addiction to bacon or something. Be creative. I encourage the wacky.

If I get more comments than I have coupons, I’ll use a random number generator/the wackiest junk food confession to select who gets coupons and who doesn’t because I can’t invite you all over to try them at our next BBQ. (I wish I could!)

I’ll keep the comments open for a few days until I hit the magic number.

Are you ready?


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Disclosure: AppleGate Farms sent me a big bunch of legally printed coupons to share with you. They didn’t pay me for this post or to say nice things about their products. I buy their products with my own money.