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The Right and Wrong Skin Care Methods and Three Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Glow and Vitality

Hi everyone! Central Ohio is stuck in the season of Still Winter and all of this gray and rain and cold is doing a number on me. Our normal temperature should be 74 (F) but Mother Nature's thermostat is hovering at 45 (F.) Joanna of Actual Organics and one my Twitter buddies offered to do a guest post on environmentally friendly skin care so I can duck out an whack stuff with a hammer until my mood perks up.. Since is this one of the areas I need to work on I welcome her expert advice!

Would you like to learn how to have glowing skin and more energy?

What is all the fuss with skincare?

The average woman eats 4 lbs of lipstick in her life time! The average teenager uses 12 personal care products and recently urine from teenagers was tested and an average of 13 hormone-disrupting cosmetic chemicals, including phthalates, triclosan, musk chemicals and parabens was found. [1] Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens, skin irritants, thyroid disruptors and general toxins which can add additional stress to the body.

Where are these synthetic chemicals?

The devil is in the detail...well the the label actually!

Depending on what skin care you buy, it is highly likely that there are synthetic chemicals in your moisturizer, foundation, lipbalms, sparkling blusher, serums, eye shadow, eye cream, sun block, nail polish, mascara, hair dye, conditioner, shampoos and hair spray.

The best Solution is to ‘Read Your Labels’!

Becoming an ingredient detective is paramount, you can download a free card from this valuable card gives you the and allows you to shop with an all seeing eye.  No longer will you be caught out (as we all have been) by claims of ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘pure’. The Questionable Ingredients card is essential to take when shopping to be an savvy shopper!

How to get glowing, youthful skin?

So, you want glowing, youthful skin, thank heavens it is easier that you might think.

Healthy Skin Tip: Lemon and Hot Water

Starting in the morning, a cup of warm water with a little fresh lemon juice is a great way to stimulate the digestion and gently cleanse the liver. It is also a calming ritual to do before the world stirs.Our skin is reflective of our overall health, so starting to take care of you from the inside out is vital

Great Gut Tip: Beneficial Bacteria

Eating beneficial bacteria is essential for good skin, our gut health is reflected in our skin. Getting your daily probiotics is a wise ‘glowing skin’ tip as having a healthy gut will ensure the organic and nourishing foods you eat are absorbed, and probiotics can help with ensuring you have a healthy elimination system. If you are not going to the bathroom then toxins remain in the body and can affect the ‘look’ of our skin. Learn more about the role of beneficial bacteria here: .

And finally... Get to Sleep to look fabulous the next day!

Sleep is hugely important part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet if you are busy and have a million and one jobs to do during the day, it is all to easy to push your sleep time aside and go to bed later and later. If you want vitality and glowing skin then getting sleep is the answer. Sleep is thought to minimize wrinkles and sallow skin. Sleep is a time to rest, relax and dream. Skip the expensive face cream, get some sleep!

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[1] Stacey Malkan, Not Just a Pretty Face

Joanna Runciman lives beautiful British Columbia with her husband and confesses to loving life; she runs a business she loves and gets to ski all Winter and hike in Summer. It wasn’t always that way as Joanna used to have chronic, painful acne and candida which left her feeling weak, isolated and hopeless. Fortunately she became aware of the negative impact synthetic chemical toxins have on the health of the body which led Joanna to start on the path to using certified organic skincare, eating nutrient dense whole foods and changing her lifestyle to be more simple. Less is more!

Today Joanna shares her message of how to Detox your Body and our World™ through presentations and workshops to professional women all over the world. Currently Joanna working on a tele-class series to share the top three little secrets to loving your glowing skin.

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