Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Small Green Change: Reusable Glass Drinking Straw

June’s One Small Green Change is to switch to a reusable glass straw.  It’s kinda big deal because I normally go without. I got used to not using a straw during summer historical performing gigs.

Beth of My Plastic Free Life and Lisa of Retro HousewifeGoes Green both rave about their unbreakable Glass Dharma straws. I thought, “That’s cool for you and straw loving people but I can mostly do without.”

However, there are times when using a straw makes life easier (Hi super thick shake! I’m talking to you.) Straws are a disposable that I can easily replace with a reusable. It will also save me money. Therefore, I kicked myself in the tush and got a Glass Dharma reusable straw.

Husband says my straw reminds him of a chemistry pipette.

I gave it a test run at the Columbus Craftacular. Many people stopped me, asked me about my straw, because they thought it was cool. Yay!

I know what you’re thinking because until recently I thought it too. I worried a glass straw would break. Is it safe for the kiddos that visit?  Then there’s the whole do I really need to add one.more.thing. to my ever expanding purse?

My glass straw banged around in my tote bag with my metal water bottle, my DSLR, wallet, and items I bought at the craft fair during my test run. I was a scaredy cat and kept the straw in the box it came in and it survived as promised. Once the box wears out, I’ll buy a straw case from Glass Dharma.

I gave it a little swipe with the cleaning brush that comes with it after I used it and put the straw back into my purse. I hand washed mine when I got home although Beth says she cleans hers in the dishwasher (good to know.)

As for the kiddos, they recommend that you give them to kids past the sippy cup age. One concern I hear from parents is that they are concerned about glass straws because their kids chew plastic straws. Um, how about telling your kid not to chew on the glass straw for starters? Or use a stainless steel drinking straw instead. Reuseit sells both stainless steel and glass drinking straws so you can do a side by side comparison.

Frankly, if this glass straw Small Change works out, I’m going to treat myself with the glass ice tea straw with the filter for my homegrown mint iced tea because some of the mint leaves don’t always strain out of the tea like they should. Bleach!

Do you use reusable straws? What kind? Do you have any tips for me?

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