Friday, June 3, 2011

Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste Review

This review coincides with my May One Small Green Change for the whole family to use SLS free toothpaste. Shortly after that post went live, Tom’s of Maine contacted me and asked if I would like to try a sample and review their new Simply White Fluoride Toothpaste.

OK, sure. Why not?

My first impression of Simply White was,”Hey, what’s up with the plastic toothpaste tube?” Apparently, some Tom’s customers complained that their metal toothpaste tubes are hard to use although Husband and I don't have an issue with the old tubes. Take off the cap, roll the tube from the bottom, squirt toothpaste, fight about who left the cap off the toothpaste tube on the counter - easy! 

Tom’s switched to regular plastic toothpaste tubes to make those customers happy which will make some of you plastic free folk sad.

I miss the retro metal tube. It was easier for me to roll at the bottom when the tube emptied and unlike some plastic toothpaste tubes, the metal tube stayed rolled up. I like that after I cut the plastic threads off the empty tube, I recycled it with my metals in my city recycling bin. Now, I’ll take the empty plastic tubes to the Origins counter for them to crunch up and use to make Origins makeup tubes. Not all of you may have that option where you live though.

My second impression of Simply White is “Wow! This stuff is very minty!” Not too minty in a bad way just more pronounced than the mint toothpaste Simply White replaced during the review period.

I asked Husband what he thought of Simply White. He said, “It works like toothpaste” and didn’t elaborate. For him that’s a positive statement on the product and a reminder that he may not be the best product opinion asker unless we’re talking about food, craft beer, or computer equipment. Note to self.

Performance wise, I like Simply White just as much as I like all of the other flavors of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste I tried. How much did it whiten our teeth? It’s hard to tell after using it for a few weeks. So far its performance compares to conventional whitening toothpaste. Tom’s doesn’t give Husband canker sores so it’s a win in our book.

  • Simply White does not contain artificial or synthetic ingredients, parabins, poloxamer, or gluten
  • Simply White does not contain harsh abrasives or bleaching ingredients
  • Simply White hasn’t contributed to Husband’s cold sores like conventional toothpaste
  • The price is a bit more expensive than conventional toothpaste but cheap enough that we’re not going back to His and Hers toothpaste anytime soon

  • Many of you may not like the switch from a metal toothpaste tube to a plastic toothpaste tube
  • Simply White is slightly more expensive than some of the other varies of Tom’s of Main toothpaste. It retails at $4.99
  • Simply White contains fluoride which some of you like to avoid

Have you tried Simply White? What did you think? What’s your favorite flavor of Tom’s?

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Disclosure: Tom’s of Maine supplied me with a sample tube of Simply White to facilitate this review. This did not have any bearing on my review (come on FTC, it’s a $5.00 tube of toothpaste for crying out loud!) All opinions are my own and I stand by them.