Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Condo Blues on The Craftsman Experience This Saturday!

I had a blast teaching at The Craftsman DIY Blogger Summit.


For the part when they said oh, yeah, we're going to interview you AND tape it AND tape my first session of building a table top corn hole game without a practise run or anything.


Nerve attack!

They said I did fine. I tried to bribe the production crew with cupcakes if they edited my session heavily, frequently, and often to make sure I didn't look like a total loon on the Internet. Like I don't do that enough already here on Condo Blues, right?

The Craftsman folks said no dice because they present DIY bumps and all. Hey, what a great idea for a blog! It could focus on how to fix things when a project hands you a twist that makes you sing the blues. Although I think I read one like that recently...

See how I did this Saturday at 7:00 Central Standard Time when they live stream The Craftsman Experience. Alex Sherman is hosting the show, the projects and general fun of the day, and I'll be calling for a telephone interview to follow up on what the heck is a corn hole and why did I teach everyone how to build it.

The best part is that you can see it all live streamed on the Craftsman Facebook page or right here on Condo Blues this Saturday using the little viewer deely bob below.

Please watch 'cuz my parents are bursting at the seams and Husband not so casually told all of the neighbors that I taught at Craftsman. I really don't want to disappoint any of them or you. I'd love some constructive feedback.

Or cupcakes.

Because cupcakes make everything better.

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