Sunday, August 21, 2011

Make Soda Pop!

Husband drinks soda and fizzy drinks more often than I do, which isn’t very often.

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter KitI worked at a company that had a free pop machine. I quickly learned that drinking lots of carbonated  bubble beverages didn’t – to put it politely – quite agree with my digestive system. Once I gave up drinking pop those problems went away.  

Most of the time we buy pop or soda or whatever you call in your part of the country when we have guests. Although sometimes Husband goes though jags of buying club soda to make his homemade Orangina.  Seeing the empty plastic soda bottle stacked in the recycling bin makes me flinch.

I’m a freak about keeping the amount of our household waste and recycling low.

I considered buying a SodaStream soda maker but wasn’t sure we would use it often enough to justify the purchase. Instead, I entered every Sodastream giveaway I could find because if I won one, it would be fate, right?

Nope. Because I didn’t win one. 

Recently, as Husband cracked open a two liter of root beer, I ever so casually mentioned buying a SodaStream to feel him out on it. He seemed interested but it wasn’t until we were shopping for a stockpot at Sur la Table that I knew how interested. Husband stared a hole in the Sodastream display in the store.

Thank you Husband for picking out your birthday present early!

I bought Husband the SodaStream Fountain Jet because I like the style over the Genesis and Pure models. The Fountain Jet can’t use glass carafes like the Penguin or the Crystal, but the bottles are BPA free, and it doesn’t cost double for the privilege of using glass bottles like the other models. Another thing I like about the Fountain Jet is that it is the only SodaStream that uses both the large and small carbonation tubes.

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit
Tip: I return the empty CO2 cartridge to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy the new 
one at a discount. I wait until I have a BBB coupon to buy it for added savings.
Husband loves his gift and made three bottles of soda after he opened it. I am going to save a ton of money on soda and reduce the empty soda bottles in my recycling bin to zero. That makes me very happy.

I also get to sneak in a little lesson about recycling and reducing waste with the nieces and nephews when they aren’t looking. Maw-ha-ha! *evil mad scientist laugh*
I have a fresh ginger root in my refrigerator and want to try making my own homemade ginger ale. I’ll post the results on Lazy Budget Chef.

How do you quench your summer thirst?

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