Sunday, August 14, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours

July started with a bang. Fourth of July! Fireworks! Parades! Fun! July ended with big smacks creating a rain cloud of emotion over my head. It follows me wherever I go.


First, we had to replace our car when we took it in for repair and found a cracked engine block.

Thanks to your blog, Twitter, and Facebook comments, we started researching replacement cars. Reading Edmonds car reviews helped knock a few off our list. Christina from A Mommy Story  offered us a ride in a Ford Focus media car she test drove. That tipped the decision to a Ford Focus.

Next came the decision whether to buy a new or used Ford Focus. Husband found a former lease that had crazy low miles at a price we liked. However, I qualify for a discount on new Fords (it’s not a blogging thing) that makes a new car only slightly more money than the used car he found.  The new car salesperson’s sales style didn’t mesh with our buying style. The new car guy aggressively discouraged us from ordering the hatchback I wanted (to haul DIY stuff home, natch) and why we’d buy new. The sales person kept talking sticker price and ignored my discount which the last time meant we added options on the car = more money for the dealer. His aggressive sales demeanor and taking it for granted we were going to buy a car for him didn't work for me.

Apparently an aggressive pitches work for him. The new car sales guy had a wall full of Salesperson of the Month plaques in his office. Probably because he thinks girls are dumb about cars and makes them to pay sticker price (Never EVER pay sticker price! There’s always room for negotiation.)  Forget that! We went back to dealer’s used car lot, didn’t pay sticker ( thanks to my negotiation skillz), and came home with a used Ford Focus with a lower payment than the new car and has Sync. The IT geeks in us freakin’ love Sync!

We’re not too crazy about having an unexpected car payment. The down payment and renting a car for a couple of weeks before the purchase made a dent in the emergency fund but that’s why we have an emergency fund. 

We are even happier with buying used when the debt crisis wasn’t resolved by Congress, just postponed until 2013. Who knows what that means for our financial future?

July got progressively worse.

Someone broke into our house and into two other homes on our block. They stole my iPad and Husband’s Kindle.

The person knew what they were doing because they didn’t wake Blitzkrieg or our neighbor’s three dogs during either break in. I am completely freaked that someone was in my house while my family slept!

I am depressed and feel guilty. 

It was my fault.

I was the last person to drive the car. I closed the garage door but didn’t watch the opener to verify it shut the garage door. Sure enough the garage door popped open as it sometimes does no matter how many times I clean the freaking sensors or adjust the door closer.  

We filed a police report on line. That means, "Sorry about your luck! Secure your garage next time and here’s the paperwork you need to file an insurance claim!" We aren’t filing a claim because we don’t want our insurance rates to go up any more after already filing a claim for storm damage several years ago. Given the furious storms we’re having this year, more storm damage may easily happen in the near future. Oh please, oh please, oh please no!

I am dying without my iPad because I depend on it so much for conducting blog business. Do you have any recommendations for a replacement tablet computer? I have time to research iPad options while I save for a new tablet computer because….

The day we discovered the break in we had a death in the family. Being with my cousin in her time of need is more important than the stuff we lost or any buffer left in our emergency fund.

Blitzkrieg's favorite uncles and the only people we fully trust to watch Blitzkrieg were also out of town. I found a hotel using Vacationing with Your Pet that takes dogs.

Husband and I locked down work commitments, the house, grabbed the dog, and drove to Maryland for the funeral.

Lisa likes my car seat because keeps me safe. I like my car seat because it lets me look out of the window.

Blitzkrieg was such a good traveler.

When we take Blitzkrieg on trips we make sure there are places he can go with us, such as a dog park.

This wasn’t such a fun trip because Blitzkrieg spent most of it in the hotel room.  I know he was disappointed but Blitzkrieg was a model citizen for the entire trip. Blitzkrieg really comes through when we need it most. I love that little guy.

How has your month been?

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