Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Small Green Change 2011 Wrap Up

Instead of making and eventually breaking a blanket New Year’s Resolution for 2011, I made one Small Green Change each month.

Let’s see how I did.

Use Cloth Panty Liners Disposable panty liners gave me bladder infections. The Lunapads I use are thinner, more absorbent, and more comfortable to wear than a disposable liner (no sticky tape to sticky in places you’d rather not sticky!) I haven’t had a bladder infection. Keep


Use a Neti Pot I love my neti pot so much I’d marry it. It is the only thing that works when I have a stuffy nose and nothing happens when I try to blow it. A little salt water rinse with my neti pot clears the gunk out. I use it in the morning when I wake up with a stuffy nose because of my allergies. I also use it when I have a cold that clogs my nose something fierce. It also helps calm things down when I have a migraine. Keep

I love you neti pot. Love you.

Buy a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner I’ve been avoiding getting a new vacuum cleaner forever. I finally ditched the disposable vacuum cleaner bags and couldn’t be happier. Especially when you have a dog who sheds like it’s his job. Keep

Why did I put this one off?

Spring Clean with Steam! I resolved to is to actually use the steam floor cleaner I’ve had for two years to clean my floors and house. I’ve been much better using the steam cleaner for cleaning the kitchen floors.  I also keep a spray mop with a reusable microfiber pad for quick spills but use the steam cleaner for the frequent and big cleaning jobs. Keep


Use SLS Free Toothpaste The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in our conventional toothpaste may be causing Husband’s frequent canker sores. He hasn’t had an outbreak since the switch. Keep

We jump between the mint and fennel flavors.

Reusable Glass Drinking Straw  I struggled with this one at first because I kept forgetting to carry the straw with me so I empathize with anyone who does the same when trying to use reusable bags, coffee mugs, etc. Once I switched to a larger purse, which allowed me to carry the straw with me, I was much better about using the straw for those rare times I use a straw. Keep  

I clean mine in the dishwasher.

 Make Popsicles  This was the yummiest change by far! I hit several summer berry sales last summer and made about a bazillion fruit popsicles. This is a seasonal change. We are looking forward to it next summer! Keep

Photo courtesy of my food blog Lazy Budget Chef

Make Soda Pop Husband’s the soda drinker of the family and this one has been a hit with him! Most of time, he makes carbonated water with his Sodastream and drinks it straight up or with a splash of lemon juice. Keep

You can recycle the CO2 cartridge too!

Natural Dog Food I switched Blitzkrieg to Wellness dog food. Unfortunately, Wellness has a slightly higher protein content than his previous brand of dog food, that didn’t agree with him. However, I still stand by Wellness as a brand because they immediately asked me to send them a sample from my bag of dog food that I was feeding Blitzkrieg when I told him he was sick. When their tests came back negative, they sent the sample to an independent lab for testing in case they missed something. They also followed up by phone several times. When the second test came back negative, they asked me if they could contact my vet to find out what’s what. This is the type of company that I WANT to make Blitzkrieg’s food. This change was very disappointing because our vet said Blitzkrieg needs to eat dog food with lower protein content than Wellness. Blitzkrieg is back to eating California Natural, his previous brand of natural dog food.

Hi everyone!

Can Food Husband got into gardening last summer. The result was a butt load of cucumbers! I had to face my fear of canning and get pickled. The alternative was to listen to Husband’s speech about wasting food for the entire summer. No thanks. I canned jam (which made an easy quick holiday gift for gift exchanges, etc.), several types of dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, pickle relish (told you there were tons of cukes!) I also made my first batch of salsa (a crime if you knew how much salsa we eat) and canned that too. Keep


Make Sandwich Bread This is my favorite One Small Green Change. It’s kicked our sandwiches up a notch because I make the frou frou rye bread we like but are too cheap to buy all the time. My household servant Mr. Breadmaker makes all this possible. Keep



Reusable Cloth Gift Bags I worried what Husband’s family would think when they opened their gifts and had to return the bags so I can reuse them. Fortunately, they are used to weird things from me and asked straight up if the bag was to keep or return. Whew. I guess it helped that I used fancy fabric. This change cut my wrapping time to an evening instead of days and helped me keep my sanity. Keep

I had a merry merry due to these little darlings!

Out of the 12 One Small Green Changes I made in 2011, only one didn’t stick, through no fault of our (or Wellness’) own. This worked out so well, that I’m going to keep making One Small Green Change a month in 2012.

I’ve been doing to green thing longer than there have been blogs. I’m running low on ideas. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to know!

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