Thursday, March 29, 2012

Giving Rabbits for Easter? Make Mine Chocolate!

We found the best place to socialize Blitzkrieg when we were working with him on his prior abuse issues is a dog rescue event. Animal rescue people understand some of the strange rules and things you need to do with your dog to help him on his journey from a dark, scared confused abuse place to Mr. Happy Go Lucky, confident, Mr. Snggly Affectionate Guy. This accidentally turned Husband and I into animal rescue advocates**.

 That’s where I learned about people having rabbits as pets, which hadn’t crossed my mind before, and The Columbus House Rabbit Society rescue group. It turns out business in rabbit rescue picks up shortly after Easter to where it is a problem – for the bunnies.

You see, many people give live bunnies as Easter gifts. Then they realize rabbits can be more work, the vet bills are more expensive, and owning a rabbit is not like having a dog or a cat. The lucky rabbits are sent to a rabbit rescue or a humane society. A large number of unlucky rabbits are dumped in the wild, where they can’t survive because they don’t have wild animal skills. They become a larger animal’s lunch.

 The Columbus House Rabbit Society started an Easter Make Mine Chocolate Campaign  to encourage people to give chocolate Easter rabbits to their kids for Easter instead of a live rabbit they may eventually be unprepared to care for properly. They aren’t paying me or even asking me to spread the word about Make Mine Chocolate! The Columbus House Rabbit Society doesn't even know I exist. I am spreading the word because I have seen the unpleasant side of dumping an unwanted dog first hand. I don’t want to see that happen to live Easter rabbits either.

 If you are on fence about bringing a pet bunny into your home The Columbus House Rabbit Society  has great information about what is involved in keeping a rabbit as a pet. Most of this was news to me! It also confirms that as of now, we are a dog house, not a rabbit house.

There are lots of live Easter bunny alternatives to put in your kid’s Easter basket. I poked around the Interwebs to find Easter gift suggestions for a range of ages and that have staying power after the holiday. Well, except for the candy. That doesn’t last long in my house either. 

11 Easter Basket Ideas Instead of Live Rabbits or Chicks

Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny for you dark chocolate lovers and/or lactose intolerant folks (hint Husband!)

 Don’t worry Millk Chocolate lovers there’s an Organic Millk Chocolate Bunny for you too

 Surf Sweets Natural and Organic Jelly Beans. No artificial dyes, sweenters, or colors. They are gluten free and vegetarian too - even the gummy candy! Husband and I took one for the team and taste tasted Surf Sweets candy (you are welcome by the way.) Check out my Surf Sweets candy review on Lazy Budget Chef.

If you want some bunny to hug (hee!) try the Sckoon Organic Cotton Skinny Rabbit Doll even the stuffing is organic!

For the more practically minded, style this Character Shopping Bag into a bunny and clip it to an older kid's backpack or keychain. You can also fold the bag into mouse and squirrel shapes.

I love big books and I cannot lie. I especially like giving books as gifts.

Bunnicula A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by Deborah Howe and James Howe. This is the first book in the Bunnicula series. The color and juice are sucked out of vegetables after the Monroe family adopts a funny looking bunny. The family cat and dog are convinced the bunny is a vampire!


Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales because I will always and forever love these books. Especially Peter Rabbit.


Sometimes the Easter bunny put small toys into our Easter baskets. Does he do that at your house?

LEGO Champion is a board game where your LEGO Maniac first builds the board in order to play the game with up to four players. This might make an appearance at my house for visiting kids. Um, yeah for the kids who are cleverly disguised as responsible adults.


LEGO Friends Stephanie's Pet Patrol I'm not sure how I feel about "girl" LEGOS since I'm a girl and I like playing regular LEGOS with my nephews. But Stephanie has a sweet ride in this set and one of the pets is a cute bunny rabbit!


If you haven't been hanging out on planet Earth lately, there's this little movie out called The Hunger Games (side note: I haven't read the books or seen the movie. Is it worth it?) I know some older kids who have and would like this  Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin


I may not have seen The Hunger Games but I saw X Men First Class when it was in theaters. The DVD is a good option for teen boys who are too cool for stuffed toys but still hope for a little something on Easter morning.


 What are your Easter Basket ideas?

**By the way, Husband and I are totally cool with you purchasing a purebred pet from a reputable breeder instead of going the rescue route as long as you realize what you are getting into when it comes to bringing that pet into your home. Depending upon your situation and preferences, you may need or want an animal with a particular temperament and attributes, which can be a bit of a mystery with a rescue animal. We get it. It’s cool. Just check the breeder out to make sure they are reputable, K?

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