Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm All Over the Interwebs but Mostly I'm Sitting In My Desk Chair Drinking Tea

Guess who's recycled porch and landscaping project is featured on the The Old House web site?

That's right. THIS GIRL!

My project may appear in This Old House's Cheapskate Hall of Fame issue but ONLY with YOUR HELP.  If you scoot on over to This Old House and rate my project high enough, I might be featured in the magazine. 

Appearing in This Old House would make my parents and in laws proud.  My Dad is a This Old House Fan. Norm Abrams is THE MAN!

Father in law's no slouch either. He agreed to be my holder upper guy for an upcoming project. That's love, peeps!

Stuff like this makes father in law burst his buttons because most of the trash I hauled from his farm for this project (with some head scratching on his part) became the super cool doesn't look like junk Reno you see here. 

Sure, I did all you see in the photo (and more) for $260 but more importantly I kept so much other stuff out of the landfill doing my Reno this way. I want to let all of the readers of This Old House to recognize the win/win of reusing and recycling materials. Will you help me?

Do You Have a Picky Eater?

Birdseye vegetables (one of the most fun sponsors at Blissdom) asked me to make a video with  my tips for encouraging kids to eat their vegetables. It's up on Lazy Budget Chef. Give it a look even if you don't have kids for new and interesting ways I make a goof of myself on the Internet.

Thanks muchly for your support!

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