Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Rewired a Lamp and Didn’t Burn Down Pretty Handy Girl’s House

I build and repair my own computers. I replace lights and add junction boxes to my house with confidence. Believe or not, working with electricity used to scare me. As a kid I plugged in the lights on the Christmas tree and the cord shorted. Sparks flew everywhere.

Fortunately, nothing caught fire and the only injury I sustained was some soot on my hand. However, I’ve had a mild fear of plugging in electronics ever since.

I worked through my electricity fears by forcing myself to do simple repairs like the guest post I wrote for Pretty Handy Girls DIY Project Parade How to Fix a BrokenLamp – DIY Talent Condo Blues. Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. Nothing sparked nor did I burn down Brittany’s house. Something I’m sure she’s thankful for.

In other news around the web… 

(AKA helping out some friends who didn’t ask me to spread the word but I’m doing it anyway and without their permission because I am a rebel. A Rebel of Niceness.)

Free Glass Dharma Straws for Earth Day!

They say, “You can tell a Dane but you can’t tell them much.” That was me when it came to trying out a reusable glass straw as a One Small Green Change. However, like most things I want to turn my nose up at, if I give it an honest try, I find that it’s not so bad and often I like it.

My intro to a Glass Dharma Straw was painless and free because I got mine last year through Glass Dharma’s yearly Earth Day Promotion. You can get a free Glass Dharma straw too! Glass Dharma is giving away 1000 free glass straws for Earth Day 2012.   

Glass Dharma isn’t paying me or giving me free straws to mention this on my blog. I wanted to spread the word on my own because it was only through trying a free straw (with no blogging strings attached) that changed my mind. I think that maybe some of you might be in the same boat.

Crafterminds Loves Blitzkrieg and He’s Making Me Return the Favor

One of my regular hangouts is on Crafterminds.  If you want to know anything about blogging and social media for the creative, DIY, and craft niches, Crafterminds is a great source. As is the #crafterminds Twitter Chats Mondays 4pm EST/1pm PST.

Again, I am not being paid to mention this. In fact, Crafterminds pretty much ignores me but features Blitzkrieg in articles on their blog. I can’t be mad because well, we all know the best thing about Condo Blues is my muse Blitzkrieg.

On Lazy Budget Chef…

 To recap, I fixed a lamp at Pretty Handy Girl. got a free straw, took a survey, was ignored but my dog wasn’t, lost at yogurt arm wrestling, and made a dairy free smoothie. Pretty full day for the middle of the week, don’t you think?

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