Monday, April 23, 2012

Tool Review: Master Mechanic Swift Driver Ratcheting Screwdriver

One Early Marriage Christmas, Father in Law gave Husband and I our Christmas gifts to open at the same time.

Father in Law was excited because he selected our gifts instead of Mother in Law and thought they were perfect for us.

I opened a blender. Husband opened a toolbox filled with basic tools including a ratcheting screwdriver.

Father in law picked the perfect gifts!

Well, after Husband and I got so excited about the other one’s gift that we snatched it from each other and happily played with it.

That proves that I am not like other girls.

It also proves that ratcheting screwdrivers make nice gifts. Like, for example, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

True Value gave me their new Master Mechanic Swift Driver ratcheting screwdriver for review. Is the Swift Driver all that and a bag of chips over the screwdrivers I already have? I shot a video review and side by side comparison so you can see for yourself.

While wearing a crown on my head.

Because I am not like other tool reviewers either.

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