Monday, July 2, 2012

Ohio Storms: We’re Still Standing. So is This Giant Rottweiler in My Yard

The skies darken. The clouds roll in Friday night. I see a flash of lightening and hear a small rumble of thunder. I hope it brings rain. We need rain disparately. 

Hi! My name is Titus. What’s yours? 

 We certainly got rain – buckets of it. And lightening. And thunder. One thunderclap was so forceful it shook the glass in our glass sliding patio door. Wow. That never happened before.

The wind was so strong it blew our rain barrel off its stand.

Husband took a vacation day Friday. He drove to the park for a run but decided against it as the once bright sunny day quickly turned to what looked like a Tornado Sky. Husband skipped his run and drove home as sheets of water pounded his windshield and wind rocked the car.

Christina from A Mommy Story  has an equally harrowing tale as she drove her girls home from summer camp during Stormagedden 2012. We got 58 mile an hour winds. Some areas outside of Columbus measured winds up to 80+ miles an hour. Thousands of thick trees snapped like twigs.

Little in the way of storm damage compared to everyone else

We are very, very lucky. Normally we are the first part of the city to lose electricity if someone breathes too hard. Our lights flickered and the power blipped out just enough that I have to reset all of the clocks and such. We are the minority. Most like Momo Fali and approximately 300, 000 of her closest friends, lost power. They estimate that it was so severe we will not be fully stored until July 7th even with out of state help and repair crews working 16 hour shifts including on the Fourth of July.

A YouTube video of the storm damage in Marion, Ohio near Columbus.

 That’s how I ended up with a giant rottweiler in my front yard. No he didn’t blow in from Oz, he came by car with his human Mike.

Husband and I put the word out to our friends that our home with electricity, AC, and lots of empty refrigerator and freezer space (courtesy of our One Small Green Change: Eat From the Pantry month) and was open - including our guest room because the heat index jumped back up to the 100s by Saturday afternoon.

Mike took us up on our offer. It took a bit of convincing on my part to encourage Titus on come along for the ride. Husband and I don’t want our doggie friends to swelter in the heat either.

I didn’t have many concerns because I know Mike’s dog owner philosophy and dog rules are close to our own. While Titus is GIANT compared to Blitzkrieg. I will not let my love of dogs blind me into thinking that all dogs naturally get a long but from past conversations I felt Titus and Blitzkrieg had compatible temperaments. I was right. The boys hung out with their man parts cooling the kitchen floor for most of the visit. By the end, they were ready to tag team us in some cute dog distraction while the big guy grabs the treats to share with his accomplice action.

We also had a few break ins in our neighborhood. I wouldn’t mind anyone taking advantage of the storm situation to scope out more houses that are an easy target to see a massive rottie in my yard ready to eat them.

Titus prefers my homemade sweet potato chewies to chomping down on a human (or a Pekingese) but potential robbers didn’t need to know that. Oh wait. I just told them. Dang it!

Mike and Titus are a shining example of there are no bad breeds, just bad owners. Titus is a good canine citizen. Blitzkrieg and Titus got so well, I told Titus he can come back any time he wants. He’s allowed to bring Mike, as long as Mike brings cupcakes again.

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